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Well i actually only started flying a lot just towards the end of October 2017. It's thru a mixture of both business and pleasure trip. It was then I decided well, it doesn't sounds like a bad idea to do travel review isn't?

When deciding whether I should do a videoblog or blogpost, I choose the latter because it fits with my character very well which is half extrovert and half introvert. Mostly the latter.

Plus, I am in the media industry for 7 years now. Simply put, I work a lot behind the cameras for the last 7 years. Being in-front of the camera and talking to a piece of technology is just not my thing. Hence here you are in my blogpost.

Aviation has all along been my great interest over the last couple of years. Ever since I was 14, I hang out a lot at the airport. Just by glazing at planes, I could stay up all night at the viewing gallery.

So now that I have came out to the industry to work, earn a little money and currently single. I do spend a lot on travelling around. Let's just remain this way till I find my better half.

In this blog, you will expect me to review air travel experiences as well as perhaps useful travel tips on how to fly luxury for cheap, useful travel products as well as unique aviation experiences that i encounter in my travel!

As i am new to doing review and blogs, I do appreciate feedback along the way as well. As well as tips on how to improve my blog post and to bring extra value to this blog.

Till then, thanks for poping by.




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