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Hold up! Before you start commenting "what a baller" or "what a show off", please give me 5 minutes of your time as i am going to share with you something that's less known (or genuinely not known at all) to many people.

Everyone knows, Singapore Airlines tickets were never cheap mainly because they are one of the best carriers in the world and if you ask anyone on the street about Singapore Airlines, you will generally hear praises about it.

Let me do a small survey here, ask yourself, what do you do with your boarding passes after the flight? Throw it away? Memorabilia? or do you keep it to claim insurance after a delayed flight? :p (P.S SQ is still generally on schedule most of the time)

I actually kept my boarding pass from 2015. It has been a good 3 years and it has since turned yellowish but it's worth keeping because Singapore Airlines has stopped issuing the conventional thermal paper boarding pass for Economy Class.

In effort towards being environmental friendly(i guess), they are now issuing paper ticket for Economy Class which i had mixed feeling about. I mean how expensive can the paper be?

Let's not go in to the material used but let's take a look at the back of the boarding pass

It stated "Enjoy Privileges on hotel stays, tourist attractions, dining, shopping and transportation when you present this boarding pass within 1 month of your flight."

As shown in my 2015 boarding pass, it used to be only 7 days validity but it's now 1 month and all day for PPS Club Members & Krisflyer Members.

Photo credit: KeepCalmAndPosters

So after spending your 13th month bonus on year end vacation, you might wonder what this piece of boarding pass could do?

Do you know that every passenger on Singapore Airlines or Silkair, be it Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First or Suites are entitled to a range of discounts & offers by participating merchants in Singapore and Overseas?

So now you do! Let's us explore what, where and how you can use your ticket! (I honestly believed that your e-ticket on your phone suffice too!)

Here's the site to the Boarding Pass Privilege : http://www.singaporeair.com/microsite/global/BPP/index.html

Here's the landing page. I guess the offers are all day for PPS Club/Krisflyer as they stated anytime.

With Dining, Beauty Wellness, Tourist Attractions, Hotel Accommodation & Shopping, there is definitely something for all ages. But do take note that offers varies as they are only valid from April 2018 to September 2018. I guess they do change the "menu" from time to time.

Here for the well groomed and if you realised there are offers from overseas as well. In this case, Male in Maldives. Almost all the section have offers from overseas. There are just simply too many good offers to list out, so let's just pick one more section shall we?

Tourist Attractions are not to missed if you are in Singapore. Garden by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari are some of the usual must go. I spotted something really special that i personally would love to do. Give a guess!

Sentosa Island is also another attraction not to be missed. Highly popular with tourist as well as locals, the island has a lot to offer. Universal Studios for the kids and a variety of activities for the adrenaline seeking. The 2018 North Korea–United States summit was also recently held on the island too!

They also offer some tourist attractions in Hongkong & Cairns, Australia.

Back to the question earlier, have you managed to guess which activity i am particularly interested?

None other than the flight simulator! Flight Experience Singapore. The simulator itself is based on a fixed based Boeing 737NG and the 737 series is one of the world's biggest selling airliner. I am booking a Simulator session with them soon and be writing a post about it so be sure to stay tuned!

I don't know where else i can include in the post but if you doing stopover or transit in Singapore using Singapore Airlines & Silkair, here are the best 2 items that i can recommend.

*Certain flights only.

Free Singapore Tour

If you have a transit time of 5.5 hours or more, you may choose to take up one of the two tours routes with each lasting 2.5 hours long. It's jointly organised by Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport and the tours are conducted in English only. 

Terms & Conditions Applies.

More details about the Free Singapore Tour :


Changi Transit Program

Changi Transit Program will get you SGD$20 transit reward to offset your shopping during your transit at Changi Airport, when you travel on Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or Air New Zealand. It can also be redeemed for a one-time access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge located in the transit areas of Terminals 2 or 3 for up to two (2) hours.

Photos taken from Tripadvisor

Passengers whose point of origin is China (Mainland) will receive two S$20 transit reward, one of which will be valid for one-time use for to redeem Liquor, Perfumes or Cosmetics purchases only.

Unless you have Airline Loyalty Cards, Priority Pass or taking premium class, the 2 hours Lounge access seems like the most logical & sensible thing to do with it. (P.S it used to be 4 hours of lounge access when they first launched this program back in 2012. I guess they must be making a loss.)

But before we reach that nice cup of cuppa and that deserving shower in the lounge, the eligibility to get the transit reward is rather complicated and i advise you to read up more on the website.

More details about the Changi Transit Program: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/us/plan-travel/privileges/changi-transit-programme/


In conclusion, i think it is really kind of Singapore Airlines to partner with selected merchants to provide offers and discounts. When you purchase a ticket from any airline, their primary job is to bring you from Point A to Point B safely and as comfortable as possible. This is something that they don't have to do but by they went that extra miles and also in a way thanking passengers for the support given to the airline.

Surely you can't fully offset the amount you spend on your ticket but it's really better than nothing.

Photo by allsingaporestuff

Enjoy Spending and thank you for contributing to Singapore's Economy!

Happy Flying,



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