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Sounds like a cheapskate title isn't it? But no...it's actually a pretty smart move.

Today's blog post is one of the many proof that luxury flying is not only for the rich but also for the smart. I chanced upon someone selling a Return Business Class ticket to Yangon for just $300 on carousell. Carousell is a marketplace application in mainly in Southeast Asia.

You can find basically anything under the sun. So obviously my "job" is to try to source for cheap airticket. I meant good deal. Thats a better way to put it HAH.

At the time of writing, i also chanced upon someone selling one return business class ticket to any station in europe for SGD$1700(after negotiation) on Turkish Airlines. We are looking at approximately SGD$5000 for a return ticket to paris if you book thru the airline website itself. So that's more than SGD$3000 off! Plus you get to try the new business class product onboard the Boeing 777-300ER. But due to nature of my job, i just can't leave my work behind for a travelling in europe. I have not step foot in to europe yet but i really hope i could find time to do so.

Anyway back to the main topic *#ahemsigh*, the app is really good for sourcing such good deals. My last treasure hunt was a USD$400 United Airlines Voucher back in year 2015. I then used the voucher to purchase a return economy class ticket to tokyo. If i remember clearly, i only spend about SGD$200-$250 for the vouchers. So in a nutshell, the return ticket to tokyo was only about SGD$200 plus dollars all in. That gave me the ability to purchase an upgrade to business class on my return leg. That was my biggest achievement so far in terms of "2nd hand flyer".

So here is the original post. Sound as simple as the description, the seller won this ticket in a Gala Dinner. Unable to make it, he decided to sell it away. Knowing the market rate for business class travel in asia, i didn't think twice. I got in contact with the guy and we ended up at the main ticket agent for Myanmar National Airlines a few days after.

But wait up before you start searching on carousell! There are some questions that you have to ask beforehand. Cheap and genuine deal don't come by often so ask questions like if airport taxes are included (most of them don't and you have to pay for it) & blackout dates(this yangon deal has a T&C that i have to complete travel by 22 January 2017). Thirdly, try to question a bit more like intention of selling etc so you can touch your heart and feel if this deal is right or if it's a dubious deal.

It was a face to face deal at the main ticket agent office to do the ticket redemption. That's a pretty safe deal by itself. Try not to put any deposit or such beforehand because it might be a scam. I didn't put any deposit for this deal beforehand. So always trust your heart & your guts. If you felt uncomfortable about the deal, you can always back off. So i have a chance to the "good" deal you found HAH.

The original price for the ticket is priced at about SGD$1023.18 for a pair of return business class ticket. So the seller is selling me for merely just $300. According to the Terms & Conditions, traveller have to bear the cost of the airport taxes which sums up to about $72.18. So the total cost will be about SGD$372.18 for a return business class ticket to yangon. That's SGD$651 of savings!

In conclusion, here is one ways you can go in finding cheap business class ticket. I wouldn't call it a 100% safe deal, i do acknowledge that there could be some risk involved in online dealing so please be cautious guys. Don't be too carried away and tempted by cheap deal. As i said, deal only when you are comfortable with it. Touch your heart & guts, pull out if you think it's dubious.

Plus, i haven't been to myanmar yet. So i thought it would be a good time to do so while doing a review of their service which i have yet to see anywhere. They also provide meet & greet upon arrival, fast track immigration and a free limo transfer to your hotel in yangon. So i thought it would be a really great chance to do a trip review. TOTALLY EXCITED.

Once again, thanks for reading! Read up my other post and stay tuned for the trip review onboard!

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