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Updated: Jan 4, 2018

This is the first post of 2018! Hereby wishing all my readers and visitor a Happy 2018!

Today i am sharing a good tip that i have been using for my past travel. If you realised i have been flying with malaysia airlines very often even though i live in singapore.

Taking advantage of the currency exchange rate of 1 Singapore Dollar to 3 Malaysian Dollars, flying out of malaysia is the best option for me as someone who likes to fly premium class on cheap.

In this post titled "Origination", you are in for a treat! Because i am going to show you how i book my tickets for my upcoming trip to taipei sometime in february 2018 for the lowest price possible and the place where you originate(fly from) can make a very big difference to your shopping budget.

1) Singapore - Taipei on Airasia X (round trip)

I was quoted SGD$1307 for a return flight ticket from Singapore to Taipei on Premium Flatbed which is their equivalent of Business Class. I don't like the fact that i am paying premium price for both flight as they don't have business class seats for the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur leg. I wouldn't call it a scam too but nonetheless anyway it's neither cheap nor expensive. Are you stretching your dollar long enough? Read on.

2) Kuala Lumpur - Taipei on Airasia X (round trip)

A pretty good improvement we have here at SGD$803.65 for a return flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei. As i mentioned, the place where you originate can make a big difference to your shopping budget at your final destination. But still, are you sure you are stretching your dollar long enough? How about the latest nike sneakers that you have been aiming for? It is a mission possible? Read on.

3)Kuala Lumpur-Taipei on Airasia X(One Way)

Yes! Take a good look! You are paying much lesser for part one of the booking. Do you think you can complete the whole booking within SGD$803.65dollars? Continue to read on :)

4) Taipei to Singapore on Scoot (One way)

For the return leg to singapore, i chose to fly with scoot. For a one way ticket back to singapore, it cost me SGD$296.33 for scootbiz(Their equivalent of business class) on a 787 Dreamliner. This shall also be my first time on Scootbiz and flying on a Dreamliner.

So just to recap, it's now SGD$296.33 + SGD$242.34 = SGD$538.67 for KUL-TPE-SIN. With remaining SGD$264.98 dollars, can i make you have that extra cash for your dream Nike sneakers? Read on!

5) Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines (One way)

I choose to fly with malaysia airlines because i can earn miles with my enrich membership. For a short 1 hour flight, i can live with it on economy class. I just can't bear to spend that extra bucks for business class. Know what's worth it guys, be like plumpflyer.


In conclusion, I managed to buy a "return" ticket from Singapore to Taipei after much research and calculation. Rather than to fly straight from Singapore thru one booking, i choose to fly with 3 different airlines on 3 different bookings.

Summary :

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur - $84.00

Kuala Lumpur to Taipei - $242.34

Taipei to Singapore - $296.33


Total - $622.67

As compared to the booking number 1 & 2 above, easily a few hundred dollars more for your shopping in taipei! However you are required to spend a lot of time on research and dummy booking so as to be able to stretch your dollar further. Try this method for your next trip!

You can also try to fly in/out of nearby alternative airport rather than the main international airport where everyone knows. Example: fly in/out of Gatwick rather than Heathrow in London.

A note of caution for you readers though. Please try not to book 2 seperate booking on 2 seperate airlines on the same day itself because you are often required to clear immigration, get your bags and check in again. If you really have to, please give at least 3 hours apart to factor in any potential delays. But if you book 2 seperate booking on 1 same airline, you are able to get the ground check in agent to tag your luggage all the way to the final destination. For example, I fly Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in economy class and then fly out to Hongkong in business class.

For this taiwan trip, i am flying in to Kuala Lumpur one day earlier before flying out to taipei the next day. This not only provide great assurance to my itinerary but also a chance for me to eat a plate of authentic hor fun along Jalan Alor.

The fact that you went thru so much(3 bookings) to get the best deal to taipei, the next thing you should do is it try to secure your itinerary. Always factor in abnormalities and contingency plans because if you missed one of the flight, there goes your hard-earned savings in paying off for the next flight.

I don't know whether is this a myth or not but Budget airlines or Low cost carriers have the tendency to delay so you have to kind of understand this old saying "You pay for what you get" and with that being said you gotta look thru your itinerary several times, find possibilities of abnormalities(flight delays, luggage delays) that could potentially make you miss your other upcoming flights.

Ending this post, i am so looking forward to fly the business class onboard the 2 low cost carrier and provide my review on them.

Is it really a business class business class or is it a Premium Flatbed as they clearly meant on their poster...

or is it a bizLESS class as they meant......let me take you thru! Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you for reading this blog! It has been a pretty quiet start on this blog but i am sure one day, you will thank me for all these tips with the latest nike sneakers perhaps. *Winkhint*


Happy Flying,



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