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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Here's part 2 of my Journey to Oceania.

This time on Qantas A330-300 Business Class Service from Sydney to Auckland! As written on Part 1 of this series, i did mention that this Business Class Sector is somewhat like an free upgrade to travellers. Perhaps it was just a marketing strategy or because there was no premium economy cabin on Sydney-Auckland sector hence we are getting a upgrade to business.

But fret not, there is nothing much to discuss about. It's good and beneficial to us travellers and perhaps a tip for you to consider flying with British Airways/ Qantas to Australia/New Zealand.

I was looking forward to fly with Qantas after hearing nothing but good comments about QF from my friends. They also jokingly tried to pull me over to Qantas Frequent Flyer program which i already had with fellow Oneworld Partner, Malaysia Airlines. Yes it's my first time but unlike British Airways, this is certainly not going to be the last time. Read on to know why.

Check in process was seamless, express lane passes were given but boarding was rather eventful. We are sharing a boarding lounge with several gate and sure it was super crowded and busy. One moment we were told that the plane will be delayed for 30 mins but around 15 minutes later, agent announced that it's now ready for boarding. Followed by the rushing crowd squeezing thru the escalator.

Until then i realised it's going to be a remote gate boarding. My parents were not really as agile like there were so i was a little worried about them having to climb stairs. But hey, it's not like we have a choice either. Either climb the stairs or stay in Sydney!

Once onboard, i settled down in seat 7A which is a small and private business class sector behind the main business class cabin and just before the Economy Class.

It's the best seats once the plane started push back because before that, you will expect lots of people passing thru this sector in to economy class. Of course that includes unwanted stares.

Here's the view of the economy class mid flight.

Once airborne, meal service began immediately. Starting with the salad.

Followed by cheese with red wine olives? I can't remember exactly.

Decided to take the Roasted Chicken Option for my main course. It has my favourite chicken breast part! The presentation was alright but the portion is a little small.

Followed by dessert. There were cake or ice cream to choose from but i went with ice cream.

So i was given an ice cream stick.

My mother from got another kind of ice cream and was very disappointed with it. So i decided to exchange it with her. I wonder why there was a double standard in the serving.

Ending the meal properly with Lindor Chocolate. Always loving the sweet treat onboard!

After meal service, i take a closer look at the flat bed seat offered on this aircraft. It's long in length and quite spacious for people of my size.

Seat 7A and 7K are a little bit special with this side cabinet.

They are big enough to store your briefcase or small backpack! Especially useful if you are carrying valuables!


Overall i had a great flight with Qantas, the crew onboard were super friendly bunch of folks and they are really chatty. They even take extra effort to clean up the lavatory before we enter.

It also happened to be my birthday the next day hence the flight manager did come by personally and wishes me Happy Birthday. He also apologized that there were no gifts for me but it's the thought that counts. It made my day literally.

Will i consider flying with Qantas more often? No Brainer Yes.

Thanks for reading!



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