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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

For the well informed, Istanbul Ataturk Airport was relocated to Istanbul Havalimani. It's a newly constructed airport officially opened in April 2019, in order to meet Istanbul's growing domestic and international air traffic demand as a source, destination and transit point.

So new airport calls for new lounge isn't? Being a hub of Turkish Airlines, i am certainly looking forward for a great lounge experience. Not that i have been to lounge at the old airport but i have heard & seen great things thru blogs and youtube video reviews.

Food quality from Turkish Airlines has always been oftenly praised on blogs & forums. I mean both on ground & air. Especially from their newly contracted catering company DO & CO.

Turkish Airlines has 3 different lounges in Istanbul. They have the Business Class Lounge, Miles&Smiles Lounge as well as the Domestic Lounge. But today i will only be reviewing the Business Class Lounge because the ignorant me decided not to do more research before landing at the new airport.

Who can benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic?

This lounge is catered only for Turkish Airlines domestic flights passengers travelling in Business Class, Miles&Smiles Elite & Elite Plus members with one guest, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members with same day transfer on an International Flight as well as Star Alliance Gold Members travelling on Economy can benefit from the lounge with one guest.

Who can benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Miles&Smiles?

This lounge is catered to all passengers flying in Business Class, Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus members flying on Economy with 1 guest allowance, Star Alliance Gold members flying on Economy with 1 guest allowance, Turkish Airlines Corporate Club members and 1 guest.

Who can benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Business?

This Lounge is only catered for business class passengers flying on Turkish Airlines as well as other Star Alliance's member flight.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge

After clearing immigration, you will walk by this sleek looking lounge entrance but apparently it's only for passenger with special needs like pregnant, disabled, with infants. The actual lounge entrance is a few minutes walk ahead.

A very grand entrance with contemporary styling and furnishing.

Right after the entrance is the Lounge Internet Access station, get your Wifi password simply by scanning your boarding pass.

It wasn't as responsive as i would have expected as it was trying to connect in to some server to generate the password.

But be cool, it will still be printed out after sometime. One thing i notice is that the password is only valid for 2 hours.

So you will need to revalidate your boarding pass every 2 hours.

Covering the left side of the lounge, right behind the Wifi station you can find the luggage storage space. They retained the old design of these transparent storage. Aside from being practical, this place seem to be like instagram worthy.

Moving on you will see a barrage of iMac workstations that's free for all to use and a couple of private solo cubicle. That's a perfect thing for introverts!

Right at the end you will see the Private Suites concierge where you are able to book one of their shower place or the private nap rooms if you are on either 4 hours or 9 hours transit in Istanbul. Anything above 10 hours, you are entitled to a hotel room in the city. I will cover this on another post.

Here's a very nicely furnished shower place. It has high ceiling and it give the spacious feeling. It's also fitted with all the additional amenities like bathrobe, hair dryer, slippers. What i think is missing is the space and the sofa bed like what Cathay Pacific is offering with their Cabana Suites. It's a pity. Another thing to note is that their ventilation is weak and it felt very stuffy inside.

Moving out, we will cover the main part of the lounge. The right side after the entrance is where the action is.

The first thing that caught my attention was the automated piano. Perhaps connected to some software and it literally plays on it's own. Technologies these days really.

A manned coffee booth with barista on the left side of the piano. Can't miss the signature Turkish Coffee before you leave Turkey! Turkish tea & other sachet tea are also available.

Champagne & Wine are available just beside the coffee booth. There's also several alcohol spots spread across the lounge.

Self service beverage shelf are also available across the lounge.

Drinks bar aside, newspaper bar is available too. That's plenty of reading materials!

The lounge was unsurprisingly full. Partially because it's lunch time. But however there were plenty of seating areas around the lounge. As far as i could see in other reviews, the lounge at the old airport had 2 levels.

So speaking of seating space, it could be potentially a lot scaled down in this lounge mainly because of the other Miles&Smiles lounge on the other end of the airport which is catered for their own airline's elite as well as Star Alliance Gold members.

Daybeds are available but there's no privacy at all. There's good partition side by side but anyone who passes by will be able to glance at you.

Kids rest area aren't left out! Kudos to the airline for being so thoughtful to kids as well as their parents. Imagine a lounge without play area for kids, they will be running about!

There's also a flight simulator inside if i didn't see wrongly. It would be weird for me to climb in to verify huh? There's also some seating area for kids with a self service popcorn station.

For the adventurous, you can feel adrenaline rush on these race tracks.

For adults, you can get entertained at the Golf Simulator & Xbox Stations.

For the artistic, there's a art gallery for you to discover the countless technique of arts.

There's no info on buying these art pieces but what i can assure you is that this area has the "real" aircon. Speaking of which, the main lounge area is not cold and not warm either, so if you need a place just to cool down, come on in!


Turkey is well known for their interesting delicacy! There's a fair mix of western & muslim style to their dish.

Freshly Baked Turkish Style "Pide". It's like flatbread/pizza with 4 different flavour. There's cheese, minced chicken, lamb & vegetable option! I like the amount of filling they had on the pide! Can't blame a meat lover here eh?

The process of baking it actually takes a while! From stretch! They don't mind photography but just don't get too close yeah!

Turkish Grilled Meat Station is one of the most popular one. Long queue starts to form up as the stressful chef works under the pressure of hungry eyes.

They served marinated chicken & lamb pieces as well as some grilled tomatoes & jalapenos and rice.

Manti is the tiny dumpling filled with spicy ground beef served with a yogurt sauce and some sort of oily buttery sauce.

It's really an interesting taste and i will definitely have a bowl of it when i passed by the lounge twice during my transit in Istanbul!

If you to choose one dessert to represent turkey, what would it be? I think many would say Baklava. But there's a lot more to the dessert scene in turkey!

They are extremely sweet which is exactly how their local like it.

If only i have another half with me to share a bit of everything, else i think it's impossible for me to try every single one.

They also have a wide range of salad, greens & olives etc for the healthy peeps.

More live stations. Can't remember what's this but my general rule is i see green i avoid :D

Pasta Station...

Ending off the stumptuous lunch with a glass of Ayran, a traditional Turkish yoghurt drink. Very pure taste to it and certainly not those processed type on supermarket shelves.

You can also sample the various tea they have. Although some were down because they were still brewing it.

There were 3 private enclosed meeting rooms available for rent. Not sure if it's free or only open for any elite member/VIPs but i did spend 2 hours inside these rooms surfing the net and getting some work done before my flight.

The 3 rooms are fully expandable to accommodate a small conference size or it can break in to small single individual rooms like this. It has the ability to make conference calls. There's a sliding glass door to cocoon yourself but there's not privacy curtain so people can still see what you are doing in there. So yup, no hanky panky eh!

Overall, it's a excellent lounge to stay put for a few hours. They have all the necessary amenities & facilities for different kinds of travellers. Food was amazing, i don't think you can finish every single one. There's even kids play for those travelling with kids. Well done!

P.S This post is not sponsored by Turkish Airlines. They didn't even bother to reply my email to request for media assistance.


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