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Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Flying Singapore Airlines A380 suites has always been my dream since the day they launched it in 2007. Back then, I was still schooling and these flights were obviously beyond my financial capacity.

Starting part 1 of the suite experience, I will touch on the ground experience before talking more about the flight experience in part 2! Be sure to stay tuned for it!


The suites experience begins from the moment you step off the taxi at Singapore Airlines First Class Terminal. Located just beside Terminal 3, the standalone terminal is dedicated to passengers flying in Suites and First Class on Singapore Airlines. Solitaire PPS Club members with confirmed bookings on Singapore Airlines operated flights may check in at the First Class Check-in Reception. This service is available daily from 0500 to 2200 hours at Terminal 2, and from 0500 to 0200 hours at Terminal 3.

Upon arrival, the ground staff opens the door and escort you in to the building. The porter will be there to help you with your luggage.

My baggage were tagged within seconds and I believed they had already printed the boarding passes in advance so as to minimise waiting time for the passengers.

I saw the priority tag for suites passengers and tried to ask one as a keepsake. Without any question, the friendly check in agent gave one to me.

The next moment, the counter staff handed over my golden tickets. One is the boarding pass itself and The Private Room invitation!

The staff offered to escort me to the lounge but I told her I know the way. So off I go!

Now here’s the interesting part. The immigration is literally one straight line from the exit to the immigration.

That emphasise how they want to offer the first class passengers a hassle free and efficient manner.

Immigration for Singaporeans were not so fast(pun intended) but within a minute, i am already on my way out.

But actually, it was a shame. I went thru Hongkong Immigration and it was like 2 seconds. Singapore Immigration can probably take you as long as 1 min with their slow fingerprint scanner. In hongkong, all you have to do is to scan, walk in and look at the camera and off you go.


I went straight to the SilverKris lounge located Level 3. The Private Room isn't really a standalone facility as it sounds and it share the space within the SilverKris Lounge. SilverKris Lounge also consists of the Business Class Lounge & First Class Lounge.

Partner airlines passengers are welcomed to use the respective lounge but for The Private Room, it’s only reserved for Singapore Airlines First/Suites Passengers.

I arrived at about 5.20AM and The Private Room isn’t ready for operation yet hence I was asked to stay at the First Class Lounge until they are opened at 5.30AM.

The First Class Lounge was completely dead empty this morning. But only to find out that it became very crowded when I am on my way out to the gate later. I am so glad to be in The Private Room today.

So at 5.30AM sharp, the ground staff escorted me in to The Private Room. She asked if I like to seat at the Lounge Area or The Dining Room. On my mind, oh yes! The Dining Room please!

Plenty of luxurious seating area available in the lounge.

Or if you prefer a huge tv infront of you. P.S it's bigger than my TV at home!

Although I had to wake up early in the morning, but I feel early morning departure is the best for photo ops because it’s practically empty and you are first few to enter! Everything is in tip top condition.

Selection of today’s newspapers & magazines are available.

There is even a private rest area too!

Back to the dining area, it's a pretty small section that has proper tables and chairs setup as what you see in any other restaurant. But if you take a closer look, the "king" sofa is shining!

Good time to get this shot early in the morning.

I was presented a menu by the butlers and decided to order the fresh egg with sausage and a glass of freshly squeezed apple+carrot juice for breakfast.

Simple and elegant table setup. You may order as many as you like. But be sure to finish it or else you may look like a fool.

Don't expect tons of choice as i believed that the menu has been carefully curated by Singapore Airlines.

Freshly squeezed apple & carrot juice to start the morning. I am still trying to get over the fact that i woke up at 4.30am for this. Sleepy mode. They served Evian in a sealed water bottle and they open and serve right in front of you. It has been ages since i drank Evian mineral water because it's really expensive for water.

Nicely presented and within 20 minutes, I am done with my sumptuous meal. I decided to sit on their renowned lounge chair that represents The Private Room in many other trip reports i seen on the internet. Heh...

Although it doesn’t seem as private, it conveyed the exquisite feeling to the passengers just based on its furnishing and how they position it.

I ordered a cup of earl grey tea only to realised that they presented is such a lavish manner. Then I remind myself that I am actually in The Private Room now.


Soon it was time to visit the washroom after a delicious meal.

Looking sharp because there is actually a full time cleaner inside the toilet.

Usual amenities available.

Besides the cologne & shavers, they have cloth towel like what you seen in some hotels. It’s meant for you to use them after washing your hands. If you prefer tissue, they have it as well.

But you are in The Private Room, it’s more appropriate to use the cloth towel isn’t? Heheh.. Shower rooms are readily available as well inside the toilet!

There is no need to ask the staff for towel because it's already pre packed and ready for your usage. Just walk in, lock the doors and go whatever you need to!

Was it a mini rain-shower? It seems so..

The ground experience thus far has been amazing. I can't explain how thankful and bless i am to be here. To be able to experience the luxury that i dreamed of a decade ago when i was a schooling kid was just beyond words.

But however, in my opinion, you will get bored after staying for too long.(First world problem) But you can just walk in to the Normal First Class Lounge and Business Class Lounge too! So if you think The Private Room is too private and overwhelming for you(It was dead slient), feel free to walk around!

I would stay for a maximum of 2 hours inside personally. What about you? Feel free to share with me your TPR experience!

Soon it was time to board the plane and begin my suite experience! To give you a heads up, the Boarding Gate is just below the lounge. How does it feel to you?

Stay tuned for more! Thank you for reading!

Happy Flying, Plumpflyer


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