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I flown in to Bangkok last night to fly Singapore Airline's Brand New 787-10 flight home today. As i am flying business class with them, i was given lounge access to their signature Silverkris Lounge in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Singapore Airlines recently refreshed their lounge about a year ago with the "Home away from home" concept. The lounge is located at Concourse D, Departure Level 3 at the central spine of the terminal, opposite Gate D7.

Spotted some souvenirs like the 70th Anniversary Notebook and the perfume i assumed that it's in the amenity kits.

First stop, buffet area! My flights departs at 9am so breakfast was served in this case.

Here's the separate heater oven that keeps it fresh and hot. There's Chicken wing for the Nasi lemak, Croissant, Pastries & Fried radish cake! The radish cake is worth the special mention. Do give it a try if you drop by...

Cereal & Assorted Bread available.

Cold sandwiches are provided as well.

A wide range of teabags as well as cookies & peanuts at your disposal.

Haagen Dazs seems like the choice at first sight. Can't remember what's inside the "Thai Icecream".

Neatly arranged inside the fridge are a selection of carbonated drinks & alcohol at the lower section. On the upper section, there are fruits, coconut, yogurt, soymilk, milk for cereal & tomato juice which is one of my favourite.

A small selection of cheese & biscuit but perhaps it's too early for this. You can't miss out wine together with cheese.

Salad and ham for the health conscious.

Or you prefer the traditional classic breakfast dishes. Well actually you can have this anytime in the day haha..maybe it's just a stereotype. Siew mai(Meat dumpling), pau and glutinous rice.

Plenty of seating and it really feels like home.

At the side you can find the choice of Asahi or Singha. It's automated by the way. Pity it was too early for this...perhaps next time!

Plenty of seating area around the lounge. There wasn't much trouble finding seating even in the morning. There was no big morning crowd.

For me personally, i don't really like the layout of the sofa. It must be really awkward to sit facing each other. Looks comfortable enough however.

Newspaper & Magazines available.

Ah my favourite personal privacy pod and the color is much better than the yellow ones in Hongkong Silverkris Lounge. You can check it out here.

Another private corner just next to the entrance. Good for a family of 4.


The toilets looks pretty brand new with a janitor keeping a close watch to ensure it's in tip top condition. The basin were dry and it's pretty flawless.

Simple and elegant design.

I was expecting a shower room inside but no sign of it.


It met my minimum expectation of a lounge but certainly not the best lounge out there. The food selection was adequate and being a fairly newly renovated place, the feeling of new is still here and that makes it comfortable to stay for a good 2-3 hours while waiting for your flight.

However there were a few selection of star alliance lounge in bangkok and we will start off with Eva Air's Lounge before reviewing the Thai airways lounge.

Stay tuned for more!

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