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Now that you have seen my suites flight experience, it’s time to go down in rank and try their first class. If you haven’t seen my suites experience, do check it out here!

This is the First Class entrance inside SilverKris Lounge. It seems like another seperate lounge.

The walk to the lounge took me about 5-7 minutes but it’s located near gate 16 where the boarding will happen later.

I arrived 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. They asked for my boarding pass, did a quick check and that's all. They didn't escort me in and i didn't know my way too. At least they could have brought me in. No biggies anyway, it wasn't hard for first timer.

The SilverKris lounge is divided in to 2 section. One will be the Business Class Section which stands 80% of the space and another 20% for the First Class Section. So if you can understand the first class section is a very small exclusive space. I shall feed you with more photos. Let the pictures do the talking.

Private section reserved just for Suites, First Class & Solitaire PPS Club Members.

Flight information board.

Plenty of newspapers available. Self service!

If lifestyle magazines interest you more!

Plenty of seating area!

Oh yeah....trump the greatest... lol

This throne chair seems to be across all the SQ First Class Lounge worldwide.

I like this little private cabin that they have in the lounge. The design is obviously tailored after their cabin seats and for introverts like me, this design is just perfect! There is no explanation for this.


No personal butler in First Class Lounge but they have dedicated service attendant going around the lounge taking orders from the ala carte menu. I went with her recommendation which is the Wanton Mee. Too early for Laksa...can't imagine that toilet trip after that bowl of spice..

While waiting for my dish, I decided to explore their buffet line. As I was the first passenger for the day, the dishes were freshly prepared. It’s piping hot and the serving utensils are all unused.


Besides the menu, there are plenty to eat!

They do serve quite a extensive range of food. From cold to hot dishes, pastries and ice cream, liquor to alcohol as well as soft drinks to coffee.

Cheese, dried fruits, salad, yogurt. The "healthy" junkie's favourite!

Self service fruit, sandwiches, cornflakes, carbonated drinks, beer and water. It's Evian water.

Interesting display of the Homemade Soy Beancurd..check out what i had to say below!

Steamed Buns, Dim Sum and Pastries..

Movenpick! Coffee machine and selection of dilmah teabags..

It's early morning hence breakfast is served. Standard western choice. Scramble eggs, baked beans and sausage cocktail.

Oriental options are available! Vermicelli rice and noodles are available too!


It’s early in the morning hence I am unable to cover all the food choices. But here are some of the choices that I am about to give my judgement.

1)Noodles and hot dishes (7/10)

I took a bit of all the dishes and here is my take. The Vermicelli rice was a total disaster. It’s was blend & super dry. The black pepper beef noodle was very tasty tho!

2)Homemade Soy Beancurd (9/10)

Delicious. Silky smooth. Even smoother than my skin so remember to try it if you could!

3)Dim Sum and Pastries (8/10)

There were a very limited choice of dim sum available. But that egg yolk bun was absolutely amazing. It’s the only thing that you should eat from the Dim Sum section. The rest are just satisfactory.

4)Beef Congee (11/10)

The beef flavour was absolutely superb. No other ways to describe it. I would love to go for a 2nd round but i know they will feed me very well on the plane later.

5)Wanton Mee (7/10)

The wanton which was made of minced meat and shrimp are pretty fresh. However the noodle tasted the same as any other noodle shop in hongkong. The broth was acceptable. Not too salty.

6)Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs (10/10)

Feeling unsatisfied, I decided to order the Fresh Eggs with Smoked Salmon on the ala carte menu and i didn’t regret it.

First Class Presentation.

Although the scramble eggs were served at the buffet line, I believe it was freshly cooked for this dish. The eggs topped with the salmon and the muffin was unbelievable. One has to try it to fully understand my expression. Absolutely Superb!


Soon it was time for toilet and although I have already showered at the hotel before coming to the airport. I decided to give their shower room a try. At the same time, I get to take a dump and clear my bowl before boarding. For what? For more food of course!

It was so spacious and definitely bigger than my hotel toilet in hongkong! How irony...

A little dirty and they don't have a seperate toilet or shower room for First & Business Class Passengers.

There was no ventilation inside the toilet. I would give it a 7/10 points.

It was surprising to see just one shower room available for the whole lounge. Now that's worrying because if it gets crowded, the queue will be extremely long!


Overall, i love the experience in the First Class Section of the SilverKris Lounge. Perhaps the fact that being the 1st passenger in the lounge had helped enhanced my experience today.

The exclusivity feel is high. The buffet line was steamy hot, the utensils are new and i am walking around the empty lounge for about 30 minutes before people starts coming in.

By the time i left for the gate at about 7.55am, the lounge gets pretty busy and all i did was to have a final laugh on the way out. Okay..maybe that's too dramatic.

Having tried the suites to hongkong, i decided to try the 2013 first class by singapore airlines. Was there a difference between first class & suites service? Stay tuned for my review! Cheers!

Happy flying,



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