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Updated: Feb 28, 2018

As a business class passenger of Myanmar National Airlines departing from Yangon International Airport, i am entitled to the lounge access.

Royal Jade Business Lounge Yangon is a shared lounge together with many other airlines.

As you can see, they include Myanmar National Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines & Air China.

As usual, i was greeted warmly by receptionist and he guided me to a empty seating area.

It was almost empty at the time i depart Yangon, there were only 2/3 international flights departing. But being empty is a good thing for travellers to relax their mind before the flight.

There is a reserved section for VIPS as well as first class passengers. Rarely used i believed.


The empty feeling in my heart while i walked around the lounge, taking a look at their food & drinks selection. Definitely it's a adequate lounge with basics necessities.

Once again, the empty lounge.

There were standard pastries......

Sandwiches and glass noodle dish...

Potatochips, cakes, biscuits and egg tarts,

Some drinks and range of fruits available.

As well as a selection of alcohol and carbonated can drinks....Oh yes a working/non working internet station.

They have a bar counter with attendants but i wasn't sure if they offered wines or liquor. But there are plenty of mineral water, carbonated drinks or even cup noodles if you think that the hot dishes isn't up to your standard.


The glass noodles or kway teow they called it were edible. Not delicious and not too bad. Perhaps if you are hungry, this might taste good for you. HAH

Pastries were tough....real tough...

The sandwiches, cakes, bread and tart are acceptable. Good enough to fill in your stomach.

Oh the biscuits and the seaweed is the best. I think i ate 3 packets of these seaweed. It's imported from korea!


There were no showers surprisingly. Just a spacious unisex toilet.

It's just too much space for a toilet. I believed they could squeeze in a shower room for sure!

Arghh...get me out of here....


It's a disappointing lounge to begin with. The furnishing is so retro like it's in the 90s. To think that big major carriers are willing to use these lounge for their premium passengers, I can't think of a good way to end of this post.

Perhaps by putting this message chair, it could sum up my meaning of "old and retro".

Nonetheless, do stay tuned for more! Check out my other reviews and if you found it useful, please share around!

Thank you!

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