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LOUNGE REVIEW: Miracle lounge bangkok SUVARNABHUMI

This is going to be so amazing because it's one of the best 3rd party operated lounge that i have visited. I will let most of the picture do the storytelling.

Miracle Lounge is the largest subsidiary of Miracle Group. As some of you might be familiar, they are formerly known as Louis Tavern CIP lounge. This Miracle Lounge was launched in April 2017. So it's barely almost a year old only! You can definitely tell the age by the pictures!

Except for the First Class Lounge(opens from 6am - 12am), this elegant looking lounge is open 24 hours. It has the 5 star hotel feel for sure! FYI, this is also one of the many Priority Pass Lounges worldwide!

They have 2 different branch of the lounge. Let me show you around the Concourse D branch first!

Miracle Lounge Concourse D

A simple and elegant entrance!

Nicely Furnished! It's so modern.

Here is just one side of the lounge.

Features a wide range of pastries, muffins, sandwiches & fruits!

It also has a Halal corner for Muslims!

Nicely organised and positioned!

Did i see MILO icecream? WOW!

Alcohol and carbonated drinks are available for sure!

Another view of the lounge. This is just one side of the lounge! Read on for more!

This is the other side of the lounge or what they called the "Main dining lounge." Nice decorations to the wall else it would be pretty empty...

Not too crowded at the time when i was there. Awesome for photo ops!

This is very good for solo travellers! What a lovely moment where you can eat while watching over the planes.

Here are some of the hot dishes! It has all day breakfast(scrambled eggs & sausage) as well as some local thai dishes.

We have a automated pancake machine!

We got the booze for the boys :D

Just take a look at the presentation. Isn't it awesome!?!

This is their "live station". Not the noodles bar or anything but it's similar!

Their stir fried noodle and duck rice is awesome. Delicious! Pictures below!

Fruits & salad is available for the health conscious.

Or some delicious pastries for the less health conscious :D

Coffee machine is definitely a must have in any lounge. They do offer a selection of tea bag as well.


The food i ate here was perhaps one of the most satisfying one of all my travel. The food is absolutely delicious. Beyond words.

The all day breakfast! Mind you i ate these at 3pm in the afternoon. The scrambled eggs are cooked perfectly. Not too dried and not too wet. It still has the firmness. The sausage were high quality and the pastries were acceptable. Above average.

Here is the stir fried noodles from their live kitchen. Delicious. It's freshly cooked and not a reheat kind of dish. Not too salty but perhaps a bit wet. Could have been more dry.

The meat were tender and fresh. The portion is great! Small portion allows us to eat many other things in the lounge! You can see how nicely they present the chilli and the sauce.

Shower Rooms

Shower rooms were available for the lounge users. I skipped because i didn't feel sticky and could probably last all the way back to Singapore. As what i have expected, this shower room were new, spacious, modern and very clean. They clean up after every shower.

I certainly gonna give it a try next time!

Miracle Lounge Concourse G

My departure gate was G5 and miracle lounge does have another branch around gate G. I think this is not a new lounge, could be a few years old but heck it's still very zen and modern looking.

For first timer in bangkok, it was pretty tough searching for the lounge. So i unknowingly walked in to the First Class entrance. The friendly staff still welcomed me warmly in to the lounge and told me that i could just take the escalator down to level 1 where the business class is located.

I remembered my experience at Cathay Pacific Lounge Hongkong where i found the first class entrance but was denied entry. They forced me to take one big around downstairs to the business class lounge where i could just simply pass by the First class lounge in to the business class lounge. Not a pleasant experience as i have to walk a bit with my two parents who are not so young. They could have been more considerate.

But anyway, let's take a look at the first class lounge.

Spacious and nicely furnished as the previous branch.

What's been offered here is available at the other branch too.

Here is where the business class lounge is located. Just one level down.

Booze as usual. Trying not to get tempted by.

Hot dishes are different from the previous branch. It doesnt have my favourite scrambled eggs and sausage.

You have to try the nestle coffee and chocolate drink. Sinfully sweet but trust me, that's all you need in life.....

Empty internet lounge.....

Nicely stocked fridge...self service buffet of drinks!

Lounge remains empty throughout my stay.

Cosy and quiet environment as you can imagine.

Argh...yes plenty of empty seats....

So here's where i am supposed to be! The business class entrance is here!


I can't describe how much i enjoyed it. The fact that it's a new lounge, everything inside is modern, the staff were attentive and smiling, the food was great but i couldn't be sure if they will maintain their standards for the next few years.

I really hope they do because it would be such a pity to see it gone to waste. If you ask me, will i come back to the lounge? Certainly no brainer. YES!

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Thank you!

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