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Updated: May 20, 2018

I was in Bangkok for the Brand New Singapore Airlines's 787-10 flight home to Singapore. It was awesome and you should totally check it out here!

Naturally, i visited the Silverkris lounge in Bangkok first. You can check out a seperate review on this here. Followed by the fellow Star Alliance partner lounge, Eva Air.

Eva Air Operates From Taipei - Bangkok, followed by Bangkok - Vienna or London. With just three destination out of Bangkok, let's find out what Eva Air Lounge has to offer for their customers.

Very classy but less glamourous entrance with the opaque doors giving a sense of privacy.

Eva Air Lounge is located at Level 3 around Concourse F area. It was quite a walking distance from the Silverkris Lounge. Probably take 10 minutes for a able guy.

The staff were absolutely friendly and warm. I felt very welcomed to the lounge. It's a little moment of pause to see staff greeting you in thai in a Taiwan Airline Lounge.

A straight forward layout of the lounge and at first glance, this lounge felt like a mini maze with a number of amenity to explore.

I entered at around 8am in the morning and it was dead silent. I felt in love with the place immediately because it's so exclusive! There wasn't a Eva Air departure at that time and i only found 2 other passenger in the whole lounge.

As you scroll down, you will realise that the lounge uses a lot of reflection in to their design and therefore giving the feeling of space. Spacious.

Yes i did mention it was really silent. It took me a while to decide a good spot to settle down.

More lounge seats available. You won't be afraid of not getting any seat in this lounge.

Notice the mirror design they used in the whole lounge. Very elegant and high class feel to it.

A private "boardroom" which is kind of separated from the lounge.

Business centre for the unfinished business.


Breakfast was served. There's any hot omelette or pipping hot dish offered. They did have some thailand pork sausage offered though. Otherwise, it's some basic fruits and cold sandwiches.

Orange Juice or Thai Tea for those who can't get enough of Thai.

Young Coconut for breakfast? Nah.

So this is some of the hot dishes they provide. Pizza, Ratatouille, Pastry & Pork Sausage.

Some basic dim sum not worth mentioning and some cup noodles at the side.

The food offering hasn't been great so far.

Yeah...how about drinking some sauce for breakfast?

Here is the more interesting part!

They have a variety of ice cream.

For the adventurous who decides to have a few drinks before the morning flight. :D

The standard coffee machine. Must have for any lounge.

Dont mistaken this as still water else you are gonna have a rough flight.

If coffee and alcohol doesn't attract you, here are a variety of flavoured drinks. Free flow yes.

Yogurt and Almond Tart available!


This is my favourite section of the lounge. Since there isn't much people in the lounge to begin with, these 2 massage chair are readily available.

What a cute way to indicate if you are inside or not but anyway just flip in when you are about to use it.

There's curtain to make it like a private capsule. Not comparable to a mini suite but this is the best that the lounge can offer.

The chair looks pretty brand new and well maintained. There wasn't any cracking leather or torn area. I really wonder how clean is the chair though.


So after 15 minutes of some really good massage, i decided to explore the remaining parts of the lounge. The modern looking toilet are well maintained and extremely clean.

You might notice that weird panel in the basin but actually it's part of the design lol..



Shower rooms are available and there is only this one shower room in the whole lounge. I am not sure which part of the day will the lounge be busy but i couldn't imagine a busy lounge with just one shower room.

Keys are to be drawn from the reception desk. The friendly staff gave me the keys to the shower room knowing that i am just snapping photos of it.

I was quite impressed. First impression given was clean, well equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Very zen, modern looking with the tiles.

Dressing Mirror and Chair.

All the bells and whistle.

They even have the ventilator control panel.


The lounge is well equipped with all the necessities that a traveller would expect from a long flight or else a place to chill and relax for the next flight. The food offering however was disappointing. There isn't any standard hot dishes served for breakfast but coming to think of it, it would be a waste to have a full buffet lineup for that handful of passengers in the lounge.

With Eva Air flying just 2 routes from Bangkok, i really wonder why they need their own lounge. I hope they did consider the cost and made it justifiable for their lounge operation in Bangkok.

With many major airlines cutting back cost on everything, we take the chance to enjoy and appreciate while we can. Who really knows that one day, they decided to stop the operations of their lounge here.

For star alliance passengers, this is the lounge that's worth visiting if you are looking for a quite place and well decorated place to wind down. For me personally, i will definitely be coming back here if i am flying on star alliance.


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