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Today's post is part one of the sequel to my previous blog post “secondhand flyer"where I showed the readers how i got my business class ticket for cheap. You can view the post here.

Tonight i will be flying with Myanmar national airlines(MNA). DNATA is the ground handling agent company assigned to MNA. Hence, the lounge access will be the DNATA Lounge in Terminal 3. This lounge is also one of the Priority Pass Lounge.

It was basically like a busy madhouse when i enter the lounge at about 7.45pm in the evening with passengers helping themselves around the lounge. Too busy to the extend that i wasn’t been able to find a place for myself.

Seats around the lounge are very limited. But after about 15 mins, people started to leave for their flight and soon became peaceful again. 

At the time i was there, there were passengers from China Airlines, Qatar Airways, Garuda Indonesia and Sri Lankan airlines. So you can imagine how crowded it gets in this small lounge with 5 different airlines passengers.

The lounge have the standard Salad bar, wines and liquor, beer and drinks, satay, main dishes, coffee machine, dessert and cheese.

Satay Station....

Selection of bread, cakes, cheese and dessert(missing here)....

Self-service drinks bar and cold sandwiches available...

Nuts, mineral water and selection of wines...

Here is where all the boys look at each other and say ohhhhyeahhhh....


So let's get on with eating! I choose to start off with satay which was edible but not that great to crave for more.

I can’t imagine what Gordon Ramsey will say if he tries this. It will be very interesting for sure.

Moving on, I had their main dishes like penne pasta and fried fish. Plus some cakes and pastry. Overall, it's edible, maybe a bit blend but still fine. The cakes and pastry were too sweet. I can't find a better way to describe the food.


After the meal, i decided to visit the washrooms. It was very spacious, clean and nice to have some toilet fragrance around. 

Unisex washrooms....

Spacious for a toilet

The handicap washroom....


I decided to check out the shower rooms so i headed to the reception and they gladly passed me one of the pre packed sealed towels for my use. 

Corridors outside the showers

Pre packed towels. It has a strong chlorine though.

P.S the rain shower were awesome.....

The showers is one of the most spacious one that i have ever visited in a lounge. After every shower, the staff promptly clean them up before the next user. So as you can see from the photo, it’s dry and spotless like what you have at home early in the morning before the first shower.

There are 2 in 1 soap dispenser that doubles up as a hair shampoo and body soap. I have always wondered if these 2 in 1 soap are good for us.... 


But anyway, after the nice shower i proceed to the first class section of the lounge. As what i have seen other reviews online, this section are specially cordoned off for Garuda Indonesia First Class passengers travelling from Jakarta - Singapore - London. There is a very very interesting fact as to why they don't fly Jakarta to London directly but i will leave this to the next suitable occasion to talk about it.

Not sure about other airlines's first class passengers but anyway during their short one hour transit here in Singapore, this section can only be used by them exclusively. 

See how exclusive is it.

A nice television here.

Wide selection of Singapore's Newspapers

Selection of Indonesian's newspapers

Taiwan's chinese papers and Singapore's TNP newspapers.

It doesn’t have a separate food and drinks bar but just a nice television here with a couple of magazines and various Local & International newspapers. 


Overall, the lounge is a pretty cosy and well furnished. Although the food selection is pretty mediocre, they do provide the standard lounge amenities. I felt that the food needed some special attention. It could have been better considering that it’s a lounge in an World Best Airport. 

The best thing i like about the lounge is the first class section and the shower rooms. The selection of wines, liquor and beer is good enough in my opinion. 

The bad thing i don’t like is that the tables were not clean. It has oil stains all over. It would been better if the staff did wiped the tables rather than just collecting the plates. There were no live noodle station or an drinks bar with bartender. It's was not very important though. They don't have the luxury of space to begin with.

Meantime stay tuned for my flight report to Yangon with Myanmar National Airlines. 

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