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Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Bringing you another lounge experience, the most discussed Cathay Pacific First Class Lounges in Hongkong. Cathay Pacific offers 2 First Class lounge in Hongkong, "The Wing" & "The Pier" respectively. I will talk on "The Wing" followed by another post on "The Pier".

"The Wing" is the nearest Cathay Pacific Lounge from the Immigration. After clearing Immigration, turn left and you will see a rather long & unglamorous walkway to the lounge.

"The Wing" consist of the First Class Section as well as the Business Class Section. Both sharing the same name. In fact they are located together with a service counter that separates the First & Business Class Lounge.

For Business Class Passengers, you are required to enter from another entrance which is directly underneath the Lounge. The other time i was travelling with my parents & i tried to ask if they could allow us to pass thru the First Class section without having to go down and walk back towards the lounge. But they politely say no and insist that we use the Business Class Section.

I guess that shows how they distinguish both class passengers. You pay for what you get! Haha.

The lounge is open daily from 05.30am to 00.30am and its also a Oneworld Emerald Lounge.

With almost 7 Cathay Pacific Lounges to explore in HKIA, it's a indeed a playground for all and a trip down to the airport way ahead of your departure time is not a bad idea after all.

Upon arrival, the friendly staff verifies your ticket & chop a re-entry stamp on your boarding pass. This will make the job easier for the rest of the lounge should you decide to go on lounge hopping.

Starting with the Champagne counter right after the counter, it's surrounded with some really beefy and meaty red sofa. But i didn't have the mood for champagne yet, so i skipped this for now.

It's self service. There's no staff manning it. So if your bags are big enough, feel free to take them home. But come to think of it, it wouldn't be classy for a first class passenger to take a hundred dollar champagne home don't you think? Haha...

The top highlight in "The Wing" is none other than the Cabanas. Check out a separate post here! I swear it was awesome.

Right outside the Cabanas is these little personal pods. While it's a nice little privacy pod to have some personal time, it's not ideal to use them in the afternoon because of the direct sunlight from above.

More plenty seating but i thought it was a waste of space because there is only a handful of first class passenger and oneworld emerald members at any point of time. Plus they have 2 of these first class lounge in HKIA.

Ahead of this sitting area is the bar area. Certainly the dwelling place for the alcoholic.

After checking out of my hotel, i went straight to the airport. My stomach led me to the restaurant directly.

This is the most extensive drinks menu i see so far!

Spoiled for choice. Thinking that the serving will be large, it took me a while to decide that one dish for lunch.

I ordered the Porcini Mushroom Risotto and was shocked to see how small the serving is. At the same time, i was relieved that the serving is small because it wasn't my kind of thing. It's like rice with thick mushroom sauce with a parmesan crisp right on top. The sauce was very starchy and in my opinion, it appears to me that they are trying to fill up your stomach as much as possible with all the starch. Disappointing. I wouldn't call it a main dish. More like a appetiser. I ate the crisp and half of the dish before pushing it aside.

At this point, someone beside me ordered the Baked Chicken Supreme and it looked good! So i decided to be the copycat and ordered one too and it turns out to be a good decision made. The chicken was flavourful together with the sides. Although the serving was still small to fill my stomach.

Fret not, there is a separate buffet area within the restaurant. There is salad bar...

Plenty of hot/cold dishes...

Cheese, bread & dessert.

At this point, i was thankful that the "main course" serving was small because the dessert section is too hard to resist.

There are hot dessert section too!

Molten Chocolate Fondant, Strudel, Bread Pudding & Red Bean Soup. Basically all the sinful delicious food.

Round one... The brownie chocolate, apple tart was great. The lemon tart didn't meet my standard.

Round 2, White Chocolate Mousse, Ginger & Lychee Penna Cotta & Opera. Opera is some kinda chocolate cake. Soft spot for all the chocolate so it was acceptable dessert but the Penna Cotta was not my cup of tea. Weird Combination to begin with.

After all the dessert, i decided to explore the other half of the lounge. Yes...whatever you just see is only half of the lounge. Here is the cafeteria area.

Barista available as well as service attendant for the salad bar.

Not a veggie guy..skip!

Ah..this is better..more dessert...

Some self service salad here...

Macarons, Assorted Danish, Almond Puff...

Cold Sandwiches, Bread Roll....

Oh they have truffle!

I have always been a fan of quiche so i grab a slice of it. This dish can't go wrong at anytime of the day.

The freshly brewed latte by the barista was excellent. Much better than the latte that i had inside the restaurant.

If you aren't a coffee guy, there are a selection of beverages at the self help area.

Some selection of wine they offer to First Class passengers.

This is one interesting corner. If you are in for some authentic Chinese Tea, you may do so here. The selection seems extensive and doesn't look cheap.

With my happy stomach, i decided to explore "The Pier" lounge. I have heard very good things such as the free message and the daybed with a awesome view of the tarmac. So stay tuned!


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