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When i was writing about "The Wing" lounge in my last post, i decided that the Cabanas within lounge should be a standalone post.

Well this is not exactly a literate lounge but by the end of this post, you might understand why this Cabanas suite should deserve a separate post.

First of all, this is quite associated with Cathay Pacific. If any frequent flyer brings up Cathay Pacific First Class, the word Cabanas will be a familiar word.

The Cabanas are located near the entrance so once you see this sign, walk in and there will be a counter on the left. If you are lucky, you might get one of the 6 rooms immediately without waiting. But many have experienced long queue so it really depends if lady luck is on your side.

I was very lucky to get the last available room which i had expected to wait for hours. The service attendant escorted to the room and left me alone in the room.

Immediately on the left there is 2 cabinet. Comes with the hanger for your coat/suit.

Here, you can request for the service attendants will provide you with discreet ironing service or pillows and duvet upon request.

So you can just hang your suit/coat, press this button and close the cabinet door. They will be able to access this wardrobe without any interaction with you. There is some sort of secret door that they can open from outside. Sound super cool isn't?

So next to the cabinet comes another one. Here you can find your bathrobe and slippers. Can i just say that the slippers are really something. Super fluffy and thick! If you ever visit here, do ask for an extra one to bring home.

On the right is the toilet bowl.

Standard first class presentation. The tip of the toilet rolls are folded just like what you see in the hotels.

Moving on to the main area, you can some Jurlique Body Lotion & Cleanser. A small hand towel provided at the side too.

You can also find the hairdryer , another towel & a tray of amenities.

You can find dental kit, cotton buds, makeup pad, shower cap. sanitary bag and paper cups which i assume was used when you are brushing your teeth.

Moving on you can find a large mirror which is beyond practicality. I felt there is also some sort of a decorative element to it and gives the sense of space with such a huge mirror.

Earlier on i mentioned that i would expect a long queue for this and here is why. The recommended duration given by Cathay is 1 hour and 30 minutes. I thought that duration was reasonable. But it could be different if i just landed from a long haul flight and waiting for a connection flight.

Making use of the daybed, it would be a perfect place to dwell for that connection period instead of having to book a hotel or sleep around the uncomfortable chair around the airport. So it won't be a surprised if you have to wait a few hours for the next available room.

The daybed where everyone sleeps on it. Pillow & Duvet are available upon request.

The bathtub was longer than i expected. I thought it would be extremely dangerous as the chance of drowning is pretty high.

Beside the bathtub, there is a nice rainshower for those who prefer conventional method of cleaning up.

With much time to spare, i play around with some nice perspective shots.

Shampoo, soap are all provided. Towels are everywhere.

Another towel and soap/shampoo here.

Let the game begin!

I rarely soak myself in these bathtub even in hotels. So i dry myself up and spend the remaining time relaxing, catching up with work and smoking cigar. Soon i felt hungry and decided to visit the restaurant for lunch.

I decided to check out the normal shower suite on my way out. These shower suite are readily available because unlike The Cabanas, there is no place for you to sleep and that being said, no one really wants to spend hours inside. Hahah..

Pretty standard isn't?

Nonetheless should you be rushing for your next flight, don't hesitate to pick one of this. You can always come back to try your luck on Cabanas again on your next Cathay Pacific First Class Flight. (Sure it's not cheap)

Overall the experience has been great. Certainly a must try for first timer but i don't have any urge to come back for the second time. Maybe it's a little too overrated for me or i just didn't deserve to use it. If i just got off a long haul flight, i would certainly need this room to myself to recharge or catch up with my work. In fact i just spent about an hour before leaving for the restaurant. I thought maybe someone needed this room more than me.


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