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After the visit to The Wing, i visited The Pier with about 3 hours more to spare before my flight. So if you count back, i arrived about 6 hours before my flight. You must be thinking heck this guy is so free to do lounge hopping. It's my virgin experience!

So right after the escalator down to the lounge, there were plenty of service attendant waiting to usher you in to the lounge(as usual of any CX lounge). They did a quick scan and usher me in quickly.

First thing that caught my attention is furnishing of this place. Very zen feel and certainly very welcoming. Looks more like a hotel lobby than a lounge.

I immediately went for the daybed suite which is one of the highlights in this lounge.

This is one of the 8 private daybed suite that they offer. There are curtains to make it as private & cosy as possible.

After a long flight, this is one of the thing you need. A nice bed in a private cocoon.

Although it's fully curtained, it's obviously not soundproofso you still can hear people walking outside but hardly you will because the lounge was pretty empty at the point in time.

Same as the Cabanas suite in The Wing lounge, they do state a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes usage. You can choose to follow the rule or break it.

At times, you will often find a plane parked just outside your window. I am lucky to get the British Airways A380 which is scheduled to depart at 11pm later the evening. P.S it's much bigger in real life.

On your left side you can find some controls to your light, privacy curtain and a AC adapter for your laptop or phone charging.

So once the curtain is down, you are ready to sleep in but at this point i still feel pretty energetic.

Decide to explore the food option here so let's start with one side of the lounge first.

Here is the buffet area and immediately you see all the standard lounge food you see.

Bread, jams & what looks to be butter.

Fruits for the healthy.

Some cheese option with the standard sides like grape, apricot and biscuit. Oh and the wine!

Here are just 3 bottle of wine, you must be wondering where is the rest! Read on...

Salad and pastries if you are up for hi tea session.

Plenty plenty...

Plenty plenty..I am sorry...i ran out of description.

Oh here's the selection of salad in a rather cute container. I wonder if these container could be brought home as souvenir.

Sparking water, alcohol, soft drinks and juices. Quite a good selection available.

Exploring the remaining amenities like the work desk.

Newspapers & Magazine for the gurus.

I wouldn't want to sit on these.

This is better..

Plenty of seating. No need to rush for a seat.

So here's the bar area everyone is familiar with.

Here you can find liquor, wine, champagne and many more...

But nothing beats the signature cathay delight drink.

Visiting the restaurant for a supposingly hi tea session but........

I took the corner seat and here's my view.

Yes.. back to it...supposingly hi tea until i saw the beef burger option and i lost it.

Started off with a glass of champagne.

Followed by Double boiled soup of forest mushroom.

Beef Burger (Medium Cooked) was delicious. The meat were tender, flavourful and the homemade fries was another awesome side to go along with. Wouldn't mind a 2nd serving.

Double boiled soup of forest mushroom was meh. It just tasted really healthy in my opinion.

Ending off the "Tea Break" with a plate of fruit platter and champagne. Couldn't get any better than this.

While i was at the daysuite, i asked for a massage slot at the same time. So finally after 45 minutes, it was my turn to try the free message service. I went with the 15 minutes long neck, shoulder & scalp massage.

There is only one masseuse on that day but they have capacity for 3 passengers at one time.

Even the massage centre is well equipped, neat & tidy.

Feeling much refreshed after the massage, it's time for a shower. On the way out i saw the oil that they used for this massage.

So here i am in the shower suite. Less spacious as The Cabanas in The Wing but certainly didn't lack of the luxury feel to it.

Partition between the toilet bowl and shower area is practical. There is a glass door with it too.

Nice use of gold trimming around the bathroom.

Hairdryer, mirror are just around the corner.

Same amenities offered across the lounges. Not very sure if the other lounge offers Aesop products as well.


Overall, it has been an amazing lounge for the last 2 hours. The fact that Cathay Pacific has 2 first class lounge in the airport itself is something that i still can't quite figure out. Besides perhaps being located as near as possible to gates that serve Cathay Pacific Flights with First Class Service, each lounge has it's own speciality like Daybed Suites & Massage service in The Pier and The Cabanas in The Wing.

With that slight contrast, wouldn't it be better to have both lounge combined in to one big lounge? Feel free to email me how you feel about it!

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