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It was so hard to find the lounge. I spent almost 30 minutes looking around for this lounge.

My flight departs at 5.00pm, so the boarding time stated on the ticket is 4.00pm. But with the help of www.flightradar24.com, i am able to know if my flight will be delayed.

Not surprising, it was delayed by 15 minutes and i took the chance to do a quick review on the CX lounge at Bangkok. So i entered the lounge at 4pm(YES...)and spend about 20 minutes inside before heading to the boarding gate comfortably.

The usual woody looking Cathay Pacific Lounge entrance.

It was a pretty crowded 4pm as there's a outbound CX flight to Hongkong..

The usual bar counter but this time with a really pleasant staff who smile for the camera...

Some internet station for your complimentary usage. Perhaps i can start doing my video editing on these macbooks...hehehe

Here is seating area around the noodle bar section....

Besides my bag, did you spotted anything?

Ooooooo the Signature Cathay Delight!! Never miss this when you visit any CX lounge!

I opted for the signature wantan mee and some shrimp dumplings over at Cathay Noodle Bar! Be reminded that i am supposed to be at my boarding gate at 4pm! So i had a quick bite before leaving for the gate! BUT.....

I had a problem.....Before leaving the lounge, i passed by this very welcoming section of the lounge...

As usual, i decided to have a look....yes... a LOOK....

Wonderful combination of colors! Here's the fruits and salad section!

Coffee machine is not available but just head over to the drinks bar and they will be glad to brew you a cup.

A selection of yogurt, alcohol, canned drinks as well as pastries are available. Free flow yes!

Here is my "dessert" to end off my stay in Bangkok!

I visited the Cathay Lounge at Taipei, Hongkong & now here in Bangkok. It gives the very homey feel to passengers. This also means that it's consistent! From the presentation of the food to the quality of the food. It's a great place to spend hours here!

Looking forward to come back soon! Meantime, please stay tuned to my blog for more exciting reviews!

Happy flying,



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