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Airasia Premium Red Lounge is a lounge for all AirAsia passengers departing from KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2). It’s complimentary of 3 hours for premium flex and premium flatbed passengers.

This lounge is also a pay per use lounge which is going for MYR$79 dollars for 3 hours of use. So it’s open to other economy passengers as well and you can pay over the counter if you decided to visit the lounge and rewind.

No problems finding the lounge. It has a really attractive modern looking entrance. Although its a long walk from the immigration!

So back to the lounge! I arrived at 7am for my morning flight to Taipei at 10am. It’s a simple and straightforward one. There were a nice display of AirAsia themed products at the entrance too.


It was a pretty quiet morning in the lounge. That's a good thing! Very well furnished. Modern looking too!

Bar seat for you?

I settle myself in this conference room looking area with plenty of moveable plugs.

Plenty of this! There is no need to fight for wall plug!

Complimentary use of computers!


For breakfast, they are serving nasi lemak, chicken cocktail and some bread. Not many choices available but may I bring you back to the fact that it’s a Budget airline lounge.

Decent nasi lemak!

On the other hand, the pastries are cold and hard. Yucks....

They have a coffee machine available too as well as a self service drinks bar.

For beer, it’s MYR$15 for a can of Tiger Beer. Coca Cola is free tho!

I took the chance to finish up some work before leaving for the gate at 9am. Before leaving I decided to explore a bit more and noticed that they do provide showers for passengers! But i found the shower area not really clean and dry. So yup, not inviting.

There is also a upper deck where plenty of sofa area can be found here. Well not really sofa but beanbags. Still, there are some passengers napping up at the corners.

Take a look at how cosy is it! Very inviting!

Plus you get a really nice view of the tarmac. Pretty empty tarmac though!


Overall, this lounge is a nice place to stay for 3 hours. It’s nicely furnished, the staff is friendly and they have the basics for any businessman. Coffee & Charging port for laptops is all we need.

My laptop felt more recharged than I do. It would be better if they could add my favourite scrambled eggs to the buffet! Else other than that, I am really satisfied with the service and ambience of the place. Slow peaceful and calm before the flight.

But what about you readers? Are you willing to spend the extra bucks for these experience?

Comment or write to me :)

Remember to stay tuned for the review of AirasiaX premium flatbed!

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