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There were only 2 lounge in Noi Bai International Airport. One being ACV(Airports Corporation of Vietnam) Lounge and the Vietnam Airlines Lounge. As a business class passenger on Thai Airways, i was invited to ACV business lounge.

Airports Corporation of Vietnam is a Vietnamese joint-stock company with 95.4% state-owned shares, based in Ho Chi Minh City. The company under the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam which was founded on January 8, 2012 when three companies operating airports in the north, the middle, and the south of Vietnam were merged on February 28, 2012. The company manages and operates all 22 civil airports in Vietnam, including eight international and thirteen domestic airports.

This lounge serves some major carries like Qatar, Emirates & Cathay Pacific. After clearing immigration & security checks, make a left turn and head up the escalator to level 2. You won't miss it!

Pleasant surprised to see how empty the lounge is. I have to take small steps because it's really awkwardly silent!

I assumed the lounge can get really crowded during peak period because of the space they allocate for this lounge. Plenty of place as you can see.

Feeling a little stressful? You can sit along this section for unobstructed view of the tarmac and the runway. Plane takes off and land on the active runway almost every minute.

There were Aeroflot A330 operating to Russia, Qatar A359 to Doha and China Southern A319 to Guangzhou China. Speaking of Qatar, i hope to try their new Q suites soon!

Moving on the food selection, there were a wide variety of choice. Common stuff that you can expect in any airport lounges. Fruits, bread, sushi, fruits.

There were no western cruisine like scramble eggs or hash browns but plenty of carbs and oriental choices. I am not sure if you consider the spaghetti as a western option hehe.

Milo has always been my drink since childhood days. For those who are unfamiliar, Milo is chocolate and malt powder that is mixed with hot water and milk or milk to produce a beverage popular mainly in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa & Colombia.

Be sure to give it a shot if you see them in your local supermarket or while on holidays.

Barista is available if you like to have some freshly brewed coffee. Can't go wrong with a cup of latte in the morning. For the alcoholic, you won't feel left out! Not a very wide range of alcohol though. Some snacks is also available for self service.

Business centre for document printing and email catching up. I find the printer extremely useful whenever i travel around.

Shower rooms is available anytime at your own convenience. Spacious and clean all the time as there's someone whose manning it. Shower rooms is also proven extremely useful if you just landed after a long haul flight or if you are flying on an morning flight but it's too early to shower before you leave the hotel for airport. You can do so in the lounge before boarding.

Shower room is spacious!

There are this cute little looking packet of shower & shampoo gel that comes together with the towel. I really was expecting a small bottle or tub that i can bring back for further travels but anyway, I went for a quick shower before leaving straight to the boarding gate.

Overall this lounge is acceptable as lounge. Do not expect luxury elements or good customer service in this lounge. Food option is mediocre and it would be better off to eat at the restaurants around the airport if food really matter to you.

This lounge was a disappointment. Not in terms of quality of the lounge but the potential of making it more attractive with the vast amount of space. They could have made better use of the space and do something as good as many of the major airlines lounges. Considering that the lounge serves many of these major airlines, it's not providing much to premium passengers in my opinion.

If you see the past lounge reviews that i have done, i certainly was expecting something better. Simply put, this place is good to get a drink, a simple bite with the quiet environment before leaving on your flight. Nothing more.

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