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This hotel review was unplanned but because of a nice surprise that YELLO Hotel Harmoni gave me, i felt obliged to write about it. Continue reading to know why!

I flown in to Jakarta on Cathay Pacific's First Class with the purpose of writing a review about it. Landed at about 10.30pm local time and by the time i made it to my hotel, it was already past midnight. So i was pretty exhausted and can't wait to retire for the night.

Opened in December 2016, YELLO Hotel Harmoni is a trendy 3-star hotel located in Harmoni, Central Jakarta. It is strategically within walking distance of Harmoni Central Busway Station, less than 40 minutes from Soekarno Hatta International Airport & Jakarta Kota Train Station; 5 minutes away from Gajah Mada Plaza, 20 minutes from the National Monument (MONAS) and 25 minutes from the National Museum & M.H. Thamrin business district.

According to my research, YELLO Hotel Harmoni is actually a chain hotel under Tauzia Hotels Group and YELLO Hotel Harmoni is actually just one of the four they have in Indonesia. At the moment, they have another one in Jakarta, one in Surabaya & one in Bundung. Under Tauzia Hotels Group is a chain of many different brand but Harris Hotel caught my attention. Having stayed in Harris Resort Batam way back in 2009, i had a good impression of it and knowing that Harris Hotel is part of the group made sense of everything now as i am writing this blog. Which i mean the quality and standard they give to their guests.

Given the chance, i would love to explore the other hotel brands under the group. But for now, let's get in to this.

Check in was swift as there were no one checking in past midnight. After 5 minutes, i got my keys and made my way up to the room. Special lift with a nice shade of yellow. It actually look much better in real life.

My impression has been excellent so far. No smokey & musky smell in the lobby or lift. Everything just look so clean & just.....new.

Signs were clearly indicated along with some artwork/mural. You might realised that they have shade of yellow everywhere.

My parents has warned me that where-ever i go, i must always know where's the Emergency exit. In this case, the Emergency exit was clearly shown just right outside my door and the Fire Hydrant & Extinguisher are in place.

My room for tonight.

Upon entering the room, a spare hotel key was already slotted inside the room. The lights were on and the aircon were cool. Not sure if it's a norm here but first time experiencing this in all my hotel stay.

This 21 m²/226 ft² Double Room comes with a city view.

The sofa caught my attention! Sure it will be a really cosy corner.

A pretty big TV available but however i am already very tired and didn't bother to play with it. Nice cushion behind the TV though!

A nice abstract artwork using the sketchy method. I believe it's the city of jakarta.

Nice placement of the lights by the bed side.

Aircon fully customisable to your comfort level.

A safe & fridge were provided. Fridge has a really strong smell so i avoided it. 2 bottles of mineral water and coffee at our disposal!

Can you guess which is the exit?

On first impression, it's actually more spacious than i would expect.

Hand towel & floor mat is given which some hotels don't even provide them.

For someone my size, this is actually a really spacious toilet. Enough room to move around.

"Amenity Kit" is given and i totally love it. All the necessary kit like Soap Bar, Dental Kit, Comb, Cotton Bud & Shower Cap were given and it's nicely packed in to the yellow string bag. I think it was too pretty to use them hence i brought it back home. This is actually a really good publicity material.

Laundry Bag & Slippers.

It started from this fruit platter that was left on my table when i checked in that made me write this Hotel Review. I didn't tell them that i have a travel blog or something like that at all so i guess i was just lucky. Thank you to the management for making such a nice surprise after a tiring flight.

Room service for the lazy...

Woke up to a beautiful bird eye view of jakarta.


As mentioned, i was there in Jakarta for a night before heading back to Singapore. By the time i woke up, breakfast service was over and hence i couldn't get breakfast to my room. So i just had a wash up before having my lunch at the restaurant downstairs and check out.

Very modern reception area. It don't look like a hotel but more of a library.

Besides it being a very well decorated TV stand, there is xBox Kinect for hotel guest to play. Try spotting it!

Soccer table for all ages. Not just the kids. It's a proven a great pass time entertainment for adults too!

This is a really interesting chair. But i rather not seat on it the whole day else i might not have the chance to be a father.

Personal Internet Station Pod.

Using a 2 in 1 desktop, they managed to free up the legroom. Thoughtful and Smart of the management!

Plenty of seating around. I like how they have this garden feel to in. Behind is their very own restaurant "WOK 'N' TOK".

Everything is spotless as if it's the first day of operation.

I ordered a cup of latte which is horrible and way too milky. The coffee taste wasn't there because too much milk in it.

I ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampong and it didn't disappoint me. It was delicious although very oily and a little too salty than usual but most importantly the egg were runny and half cooked. Spot on with my preference.


After making payment at the restaurant, i asked the staff if they could bring me around the other facilities they have. So Didit the restaurant manager gladly brought me around. Starting with the meeting room that's available for corporate usage.

It's clear that their corporate color is yellow & blue after you see all the pictures.

Neatly setup for the next event.


Gym for the health conscious.

The gym is very new and the equipment are still extreme mint condition. The weight stations is very neatly arranged and certainly looks very welcoming. Pleasant smell with no sign of any sweat smell.

No sticky sweat stain on the floor. The mirror are flawlessly clean! I am very sure that they do clean the place everyday.

Pretty surprised to know how thoughtful are they. Towel & Water are provided free!

I waved farewell to Didit and proceed to the check out counters. Unfortunately there was a 10 minutes wait which i think could be faster.


Overall, my stay in YELLO Hotel Harmoni was an great one. As i do a lot of travelling to neighbouring countries, looking for a good hotel is not easy. But for my next trip to Indonesia, i will certainly look in to one of the hotel under Tauzia Hotel Group because i know that the standards & quality won't be very far off (i hope).

This hotel is great for Solo Travellers, Business Travellers, Couple & Family Travellers. The staff is friendly, always smiling & ready to help including the security guard. Professionally dressed and greet every guest that they come across.

Don't hesitate to stay in their property the next time you drop by Jakarta.

Happy flying,



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