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Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Scoot Airlines is a low cost carrier based in Singapore. It’s also a Sister company of Singapore Airlines. Scoot was founded in year 2012 and has gone thru a number of controversy over the years like for example their uniform when it was first launched. Netizens were commenting how inappropriate and simple looking their male uniform is. It’s still as casual and they are scootitude about it.

Recently scoot has also buy over tiger airways and became one brand. So now, scoot has short, medium and long haul routes covered under it’s belt. Serving flights as short as 1 hour to 13 hours with their fleet of A320s and B787s.

The last time I was on scoot was almost 6 years ago when it first launched in 2012. I remember it was a former Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 bound for Sydney which is also their launch route. I found that flight to be extremely uncomfortable and made to pledge to work hard so as to be able to afford premium class cabin. Wow how dramatic dude, you are on a Budget Airline today!

Anyway after a 6 years break, I am back on scoot. This time was primarily for me to compare between AirAsia X Premium Flatbed and Scootbiz(or is it bizless class? Let’s find out)

Scoot operates from Taipei Taoyuan Terminal 1 and check in was seamless as expected for scootbiz passengers as well as economy passengers who purchased priority option during booking.

I am lucky to have avoided the Queue from the economy class. It really helps a lot for me because I didn’t really like queue. I mean who really does?

The bag wasn’t tagged with an priority tag or anything so let’s see if the bag is the first few to be out in Singapore.


As a Budget airline, Scootbiz doesn’t come(Obviously) with priority immigration or lounge access. So I went to one of the Chinese cuisine restaurant.

A nice biased chicken meal for NT$240(Appx SGD$10). Not that bad after all!


With flightradar24, I am able to track my actual plane position and know if it’s gonna be a delayed flight or not.

True enough and expected, the flight was behind schedule for about 20 minutes. So I decided to hang around the airport cafe before heading to the gate.

Tech savvy passengers like me who uses the flight tracker app are unlikely to hang around the boarding lounge until the plane arrives.

Departing from Gate B4, it has a pretty small boarding lounge. Considering that it’s a 787 flight, more passengers are expected and in my own opinion, the lounge can comfortably fit a 737 flight.

Flying me home to Singapore today is 9V-OJF, a 2 year old Boeing 787-900. The previous leg was Narita to Taipei and then onwards to Singapore using the same flight number.

Obstructed by the view, I wasn’t defeated and decided to walk a bit to gate B3 to take a picture of the plane for you guys and here you go!

I will show you how far and why I have to go to another gate to take the photo above. But anyway, I had a quick snap before heading back to my original gate!

Boarding time was supposingly 15:10pm but due to the late arrival of the aircraft, the boarding time has now been retimed to 15:50pm.

Soon boarding commenced and Scootbiz, scoot priority and connecting passengers from Narita are welcomed to board the aircraft first.

Greeted by the friendly staff and helped myself to my seat 5H. It’s the last row of the business class section and it’s proven good for introverts and also passengers who likes to take a selfie or do all the cabin shots without getting stares from other passengers. No frontal view of the cabin unfortunately.

The cabin today is a 2-3-2 configuration. Scoot has 2 different type of 787 in their fleet. The 800 & 900 series. Both series presents different seating layout. Understandably, the 900s is the lengthened version of the 800s. This is also my first 787 flight. The next 787 flight will be Ethiopian Airlines in June. So stay tuned for that!

I find the seat width and pitch pretty comfortable and certainly fit the bill of an premium on budget concept. However the seats looks very old with the worn out texture on the seats as shown. Nonetheless, i still think that it’s gonna be very comfortable for this short hop back to Singapore.

Welcome drink was served. Don’t laugh. It’s better than nothing guys.

Plenty of inflight magazines. Don't expect lifestyle magazines though!

Some magazines, in flight shopping and meal menu were found in the seat pocket.


We begin our pushback at 16:25, which is about 30 minutes behind schedule once again due to late arrival of the aircraft and also explained by the Captain that it’s also due to the strong headwind on the way from Narita to Taipei earlier.

As shown in the picture here, there is no window overlooking the tarmac between Gate B4 & B3 and you can see quite a distance between the 2 gates.

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One thing i noticed on my flights out of taipei, ground crew wave goodbye not just to the pilot but the passengers too. How cute!

Then right after the wave, they ran away like a scene in the action film...

The aircraft took off from 05L before putting it on a quick climb towards Singapore.

Take off roll out of TPE..


Meal service begin promptly after take off and I was served my pre ordered choice: Makhani Chicken with Basmati Rice. We were given an option to choose between the alcoholic drink and soft drinks. I avoided alcohol because I still gotta work when I reach home. Sad fact.

A big block of Ritter sports came along with the meal. I mean wow. I didn’t expect that! A cup of water were served as well. Good consideration as I am having a spicy meal.

Tearing the plastic cover solely by from the side has proven to be a challenge. You need the plastic knife to cut open the package. No biggies but I would prefer that the cabin crew actually tear open before serving. Maybe there is a safety or presentation issue about this. What do you think?

After the meal as always, a lavatory visit is unavoidable. No pictures but it’s a simple one without any amenities. I also noticed that people from economy managed to sneak thru the business class to the lavatory. The staff should have better control. Not really nice to have many people sneaking thru the cabin.


Plenty of legroom. No passengers were in front of this seat by the way.

Power plugs are available for complimentary usage. It's chargeable for economy passengers.

Personal reading light and flight attendant call button are located at the side of the seat.

Not a full flat bed but a comfortable position for short flights.

Simple, basic and idiot proof button.


I settled in to my seat with the in flight entertainment. As you can see in the pictures, scoot doesn’t provide any sort of entertainment screens. Neither did they provide any entertainment tablets like AirAsia X does.

But the good thing is that since there is no entertainment onboard, there are plenty of leg space in front of you!

Scoot's inflight entertainment works on your mobile app or the website on the computer. The entertainment aren't free but complimentary for scootbiz passengers.

The inflight entertainment didn’t work for me because of some missing adobe plugin.

Nonetheless no biggies because I took this opportunity to finish up my work.


Feeling hungry or should I say greedy, I decided to order some “light” food.

As Chinese New Year is coming, I ordered the Scoot Prosperity Meal which consist of the Ham & Cheese Croissant, a bottle of Minute Maid orange juice and pineapple tart.

The Croissant is acceptable if it’s heated up. But it’s served chilled. The taste is not too bad anyway.

The pineapple tart is good!

Soon we started our descent in to Singapore and surprisingly arrived on time! Bags weren’t differentiate between business class and economy class. No go guys. This is a basic thing you should provide to your premium cabin customer be it budget or full service carrier. In the end i waited for about 20 minutes before my luggage was out!

Overall, the flight was uneventful, the staff were smiling and seems ready to help anytime. Given the chance to fly again on scoot, sure I will but limited to maximum 5 hours. I also feel very comfortable flying the 787! It’s a very quiet aircraft and I don’t feel very dehydrated after the flight or maybe it’s just me.

Comparing Scootbiz to Airasia X, the difference is pretty obvious. I would personally take Scootbiz for medium haul mainly because they are lag of a flatbed onboard. Where as for Airasia X, they have flatbed product and it's the most basic thing that's needed any premium class long haul flight.

Although scoot is operating a newer fleet of aircraft but what they offered are something premium economy level in my opinion. If i could say, it's something like the domestic first class seat from US carriers a decade ago.

For the price i paid it's extremely reasonable and worth the dollar. I got to admit this. Thumbs up!

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Happy flying! Plumpflyer


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