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Finally had the opportunity to write another trip report! There were plenty of lounge reviews over the last month and i hope you do read them as well because it leads up to this trip!

I wrote about The Wing & The Pier First Class Lounge in Hongkong and finally here comes the flight that i have been waiting for.

Starting the experience at Hongkong Airport is the separate check in counter for First Class Passengers as well as Oneworld Emerald Members. Check in was swift but there wasn't any escort service.

I redeemed 40,000 Asia miles for this flight which happens to be Zone B (Flight distance between 1201-2500 miles). Instead of heading back Singapore, i choose to fly that further 1 hour extra to Jakarta which was also categorised under Zone B.

After spending time at The Wing & The Pier Lounges, it's time to board at Gate 43 today.

The plane is operated by B-KQH, a 5 years old 777-300ER. Considered quite a young guy! Beautiful view of the plane against the mountains.

Cathay Pacific only offers First Class onboard their fleet of Boeing 777-300ER. Besides operating it in to Jakarta, they also do short haul flights to Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Cebu, Tokyo with their First Class. There has been reports on forums of Cathay Pacific allegedly swopping equipment and downgrading passengers on First Class to Business Class because of low load so weeks leading up to the flight, i was really praying hard that it doesn't happen to me.

Thankful it didn't. Phew...

Once onboard, the senior purser warmly welcomed me and escorted to my seat 2A. Seat 1A & 2A is one of the best seats out of the 6 seats. Reason being that the aisle is only accessible to 2 seats.

Here is a clearer image of what i am trying to say. For seat 1D,1K,2D,2K, there's only one aisle accessible by 4 passengers hence missing out the privacy & exquisite of this whole experience.

Nonetheless these are not the seats that you have to avoid at all cost. It still have the same amount of space and privacy given to each passenger. There were only 2 of us on this flight.

There were no overhead compartments so there is this cabinet size compartment by the side of the seat for your carry on.

Oooooo some fresh flowers....

You can't miss out a glass of champagne to celebrate the fact that you are on this amazing mini suite. As usual, hot towels were given.

The flight purser then come around and introduce themselves followed by some newspaper & magazine offerings. Historic news happens around the globe with US President Trump & North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un meeting in Singapore as well as Tun Dr Mahathir Historic Victory that overturn the incumbent corrupted government.

I don't know how but the flight purser made a spot on choice and gave me this magazine. Perhaps i had the sports car guy look.

These Noise Cancelling Bose headphones can be found inside the compartment.

IFE Remote & Seat Message/Lighting/Control can be found here.

Plenty of space...i used the remaining time to slowly immerse myself in this mini suite. Just loving every single second of it.

Lights were dimmed for takeoff but i continue to explore as much as i can.

The safety card here is laminated. Not sure if it's a norm but definitely my first time seeing it. Not complaining but just that i had the urge to bring it back but thank goodness i didn't.

As you readers may know, i am pretty big size(fat) but you can see how much space left right next to me.

There's also a fold-down armrest for the bossy characters. This is also one of the moment i feel that i am slim enough to have the arm rest.

Starting off with a pre meal drink. Hongkong Milk Tea & a cup of Almonds & Cashew nuts. I would have expected them to serve Macadamia Nuts and the signature Cathay Delight drink but unfortunately they claimed that they didn't load up for this flight. I wonder what is what. No biggies anyway, drank a few cups in the lounge before boarding anyway.

Starting off the lavish dinner is the Smoked Salmon which is my all time favourite food onboard. Finished it in no time.

Not forgetting a glass of white wine. I love this! A bottle retails for about SGD$40.

Followed by the Braised Prawn with Fragrant Rice & Chye Sim. Barely touched the rice, finished the prawn and the leafs of the vegetables. Flight purser was extremely amused when she saw how i cut off the "head" of the Chye Sim.

Flight purser then asked if i like some cheese. Oh why not! I said i like a little of all.

My goodness i didn't know that the serving would be huge!

Followed by Dessert, i asked for both option. For the benefits of you viewers(my stomach). The tiramisu tasted like tiramisu and the strawberry shortcake tasted like strawberry. Nothing special about them. Ate a little and then got them to clear away.

But that's not end of it! Flight purser asked if i like a cup of hot beverage. Why not by default answer, i asked for a cup of latte. Shortly after she came back with the cup of latte and the signature chocolate box given in First Class.

I have a soft spot for chocolate & asked for another extra box to bring home for my parents. But she returned with 2 boxes! I was extremely thankful.

After the heavy dinner, a lavatory visit is unavoidable. Pretty spacious washroom.

The basin is the first i see onboard any plane. It's classy and elegant than the usual you see on other airlines.

Did a leg stretch test and apparently did ok. I was able to stretch in comfort.

On the left corner you can see the Aesop product.

One thing i like to highlight is the disposable towel. This is by far the best quality one i seen. It's much thicker unlike the rest like Singapore Airlines. Gives me the feeling that they don't scrimp on the small things.

Back from the toilet, i decided to make the bed myself. They didn't offer to do a turndown service either. But no biggies.

There you have it, a full flat bed with 500 thread count cotton fabrics for the duvets, pillows, cushions and bed mattress, giving a refined and soft touch. On long haul flights, they also offer pyjamas designed by PYE, a homegrown brand in Hongkong.

Enjoying every moment of it before it ends in about an hour time.

Hands felt a little itchy and decided to open one box of the chocolate. I believed they have many random flavours but i got the Caramel Sea Salt with 85% Dark Chocolate & Sicilian Hazelhut with Milk Chocolate.

Before landing i asked for a glass of their Signature Oriental Breeze. It's also one of them signature drink(besides cathay delight) designed by cathay with a concoction of sour plum tea, cranberry juice, lemon juice, rose tea and honey.

Soon we arrived in Jakarta and bid farewell to this awesome mini suite.

Overall, their service were extremely friendly, chatty and attentive to details. I just love flight attendant who are able to bring up a conversation with passengers. Usually they would ask how long will you be here? Work or pleasure? and they do from time to time be able to provide some tips like the must try delicacies in this city and things like that .

If i were to compare this to my Singapore Airlines experience, Cathay Pacific has my vote. It was a rather cold experience on my Singapore Airlines First Class Flight. Service felt rather stiff, perhaps of the jetlag from the earlier leg (SFO-HKG). The headphone jack & the dining table wasn't working. Goodness.

Many frequent flyers has complained that the standards have dropped tremendously and they aren't the first class they used to be. Sometimes it could be due to the crew's mood and they decided to serve with a "off" mood.

But hey, nothing is broken here, the staff were extremely great but if there's something i hope they will do is to load up the Cathay Delight drink and perhaps some Premium Nuts like Macadamia Nuts for example. Other than that, there is really nothing to complain about for this short flight. Great virgin experience.

Happy Flying,



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