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It was time to say goodbye to Yangon.

It started off with a complimentary limousine service provided by Myanmar National Airlines for all business class passengers. I felt it was a very nice touch from MNA.

Security was pretty tight at Yangon airport with 2 different security screening just to get in the check in area. Just like any other shopping centres in Myanmar, they have security checks like this. In this high security climate, such security checks are nothing troublesome but necessary. Nonetheless it was fuss free and I got myself checked in shortly.

The check in was the shortest I have ever experienced. It was less than 30 seconds. I swear it was that quick. Like a flash. I didn't even get to see my luggage tagged. Not lying...

Once I got my boarding pass, the ground staff escorted me thru the immigration and to the guest lounge.

They also had my details filled in the immigration card which again was a very nice touch. They were so meticulous in such small details that many could have taken it for granted. Thumbs up MNA.

Immediately after the immigration, the lounge was located at on the left side. You can find a separate review of the lounge here.

I left the lounge earlier to explore the terminal. Nothing much in this terminal besides some cafe, restaurant, duty free shops as well as some local products stores.

It's very quiet....

Felt worried for these businesses. It seems unsustainable.

Another slient airport.

Soon it was time for boarding. Yet another security check. So it's now 3 times just to be able to board the plane. This time with the shoes off.

The flight out of Yangon is almost full with an empty seat beside me. Oh yeah...I love empty seats beside me...

I chose a window seat because it's afternoon flight and I expect some very beautiful scenery on the way home.

More photos later in the post.

Meals begin promptly after take off and it started off with salad and bread. The fruit salad was good.

There was no meal menu offered. But I choose the fish option for my main course.

The dish were very well presented although the fish wasn't very pleasant looking but it tasted above average. Served along with the fish is the source of carbohydrates, the potato cakes, hash brown or whatever you call it. One word: delicious.

Soon after the main, we ended off with the dessert, tea, orange juice and water.

The service back home wasn't as good as the flight inbound. Although the crew were friendly and attentive, their movements tend to be a bit robotic, a little slow. But it was just fine. It met my minimum expectation in a premium cabin.

Overall, I am still very happy with MNA. The fact that they offered ground escort & complimentary limousine service to business class passengers was already something to talk about.

Such service are only offered to first class passengers or top tier frequent flyers of any major airlines. Even Singapore airlines don't offer such services to business class passengers.

I hope the airline will continue to grow and eventually join one of the few major airline alliance. It will not only put MNA out to the world but also Myanmar as a whole.

At the time of writing, this is also one of the most extensive trip report of Myanmar National Airlines Business Class. I have never come across any trip reports so far.

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