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Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Water cannon salute to celebrate the arrival of SIA’s Boeing 787-10 in Singapore.

Photo by SIA

Just last week, Singapore Airlines taken delivery of the world first Boeing 787-10 aircraft and i have the blessings to be able to try it the first day of operation. I will share more of the business class cabin followed by the economy class cabin so do read till the end!

The new 787-10 is the latest in the series of long haul, ultra-efficient aircraft produced by Boeing over the last decade. Unlike its 787-8 and 787-9 cousins, however, the 787-10 is built with an extended fuselage to maximize the number of passengers and revenue on each flight.

It features a new regional business class product which were only shown to the public for the first time after the delivery flight arrival. It was a well kept secret unlike the previous leak of the brand new A380 suites ahead of the official launch. Felt sorry for the PR! PR Nightmare!

As usual with any new plane being delivered to the aircraft, there were plenty of training flights for crew to familiarise themselves with the new aircraft type.

These training flights are usually deployed on short haul flights in which Singapore Airlines has chosen to fly the 787-10 to Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok before the launch route flight to Osaka later this year.

As any other aviation enthusiast, I was really excited to be onboard this new aircraft.

At the boarding gate, it was pretty much like a routine flight besides some enthusiast like us who can't stop staring at this beauty and tons of photography.

Even the ground crew were pretty excited too!


Here’s the brand new regional business class that many travellers have been waiting for. The last regional business class was launched in 2009. It features a recliner seat as compared to this "personal pod".

First thing that came to mind was the tremendous increase of privacy if you put both of product side by side. (top and bottom i mean)

Regional Business Class launched in 2009.

Photo by : SIA

Finally after 9 years, the new regional business class seats offered by Singapore Airlines will set new standards in the industry. Perhaps even better than some international business class product offered in the industry.

The atmosphere was celebratory, everyone was excited about it, taking photos, videos and chatting with the cabin crew about this new plane.

The seats were configured in 9 rows of 1-2-1 staggered layout. The middle aisle also features alternate pairs of loveseat where couple can be seated closer to each other. This configuration give every passenger direct aisle access. FANTASTIC!

Of course when flying with another stranger, a centre divider can be deployed to create a personal pod.

Seated at Row 19A for this flight, this seat is positioned closer to the window hence it's more private in the sense.

It's like being in own cocoon high up at 35,000ft..

With each seat able to recline directly into a 76” fully-flat bed, Business Class customers can rest in more comfort, even on the shortest flights.

Customers will have more options to relax in their seat while being entertained by KrisWorld, SIA’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system, on their personal 18” full high-definition touchscreen monitor, powered by Panasonic’s latest eX3 system

Is it just me or this overhead compartment is super big....

A mini cabinet at the side of your seat where you can find 2 USB charging port and 1 AC power supply.

Familiar SQ headphones..

Vanity mirror for the glamorous...

Tray tables are nicely hidden just below the screen. Just pull the latch and you can deploy your table.

You can use half of the table for filling up immigration forms.

or full for your meal service. It's ergonomically designed!

One of the coolest feature would be the buttons panel. It's sleeping....so simply give it a touch and there you have it.

A nice & sleek control panel. You are able to control your TV, lights, seating positions, attendant call button & the Do not disturb button. Good for introverts like me.

Reading lights are available on your left side.

You can choose to turn on the one that best suits your angle.

The seat adopt the 3 point seatbelt system and i personally don't like it. Too restrictive hehe..

Another cool function for fat people like me. I am able to bring down the arm rest so that i can i have more room for my thigh.

Look claustrophobia but actually with the handrest up, it's pretty comfortable.

Just joking, the collapsible arm rest is meant to have the extra width in flatbed position. Unless you are really tiny, you really need to that extra inch so that you won't sleep like a dead man in a coffin. It's not the matter of me being fat alright :D

Oh yes you still can bring it down if you feel that it's tight.

Magazines and safety information card can be found near the footwell.

It has been a while since i saw such as mint condition safety card. Do read up to know what to do during an emergency.


Set at whatever angle you wish...

Adjustable headrest

Adjustable neck lumbar too!

Flatbed mode...

Tried to make the blanket look good but well..

The good thing about gopro is that i am able to capture from a unique point of view.

I love the alcantara leather texture on the circular cocoon shape. I can molest it for quite a while..just kidding..

Looking neat..

I felt a little tight around my calf area. But it's okay, its just a fat boy issue.


Express brunch was served. Everything in a tray like the economy but it's fine because there is a lot of exploring to do right after the meal.

I chose "Khao Mok Gai", thai version of chicken briyani and....

It was delicious! Super yummy!

Peaceful gallery where food were prepared by the crew.

Not as spacious as the one i been on the A380 Suites...

Acceptable size! At least i fit in comfortably...

Economy Class

Designed and built by RECARO, the new Economy Class seat also offers an enhanced in-flight experience. Arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration, each of the 301 Economy Class seats on the new 787-10s has an ergonomically-designed contour backrest that provides greater comfort, with a six-way adjustable headrest with foldable wings to provide more neck support.

Economy Class customers can also enjoy an enhanced entertainment experience on their personal 11.6” full high-definition touchscreen monitor, as they browse from the selection of more than 1,000 movies, TV shows, audio programmes and games on KrisWorld.

Other features that Economy Class customers can look forward to include personal storage space for small personal items, a coat hook, USB port and in-seat power supply.

Photos taken after the flight hence the mess.

I always thought that the comfort level in the economy class won't be good for someone my size. But i was wrong.

The legroom was very comfortable & spacious enough for me to stretch my legs.

Still a lot of space between the kneecap and the seat in front.

But if someone in front of you decides to recline fully, that is where you might have a little problem.

Perhaps someone smaller size would feel more comfortable.

Inflight entertainment system on board SIA’s Boeing 787-10.

Photo by : SIA

Talking about being neat and tidy, economy class is the best. The screen, remote, buttons, usb charger, cup holder, phone holder & tray tables are all compact within the seat.

If you take a look from the side, it's really thin.

Couples travelling on the 787-10 can try to get the one of the two twin seater right at the back of the aircraft.

Although it's near the lavatory and gallery, seat 74KH and 75KH offers the best for couple on honeymoon for example. You really got to snatch this because there is only 2 set on this plane.

Quite an exclusive private corner.

The good thing is that you get the extra space for your hand carry. Bad thing? Too far from the window for sightseeing..

Talking about windows, are you a window guy? Because if you aren't, then you are in luck! Seat 69A and 69K are windowless seat for passengers who like to sleep the moment he/she step on the plane. Put your pillow against the wall ,fasten your seatbelt and continue your sleep all the way to the destination.

If 69A/K is taken, fret not there is seat 57A/K. 57K as shown above.



I was very pleased with the new Regional Business Class. Whenever i fly premium class, privacy is my utmost consideration. Followed by the flight timing. So with this new "successor", i am really looking forward to fly regional route with Singapore Airlines more often. I thought this overhaul came a little too late however. But there is a saying, better late than never.


I would actually consider flying their new economy on medium haul. I think it would be comfortable for flights up to 6 hours. There is something in economy that business class can't replicate. If you are travelling with a bunch of friends and like to chit chat, flying economy is your best bet because you are so close to each other and that makes interaction easier. Keeping a close watch for a good deal on the the flight to Osaka around may this year!

This year, Singapore Airlines will be receiving 8 of the 49 787-10 ordered. Osaka and Perth will be the first scheduled destinations to be served by the new 787-10s, from May 2018.

If you like to try their brand new B787-10, you may do so on one of these flights.

  • Singapore and Bangkok between April 3 and May 2, 2018 (SQ970/973)

  • Singapore and Kuala Lumpur between April 3 and May 31, 2018 (SQ118/119)

  • Singapore and Osaka Kansai as of May 3, 2018 (SQ618/619)

There are more exciting updates from Singapore Airlines. Namely the A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range) in August 2018 & the Boeing 777-10 from 2021 which will feature a new first class product. I foresee it will replace the 2013 version of First Class available on their fleet of Boeing 777-300s. Check out my review here!

With this extensive post that i put together, i hope you will have a more insight view from a perspective of a fat person. Just kidding. Do share the post & stay tuned for more!

Happy Flying,



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