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Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Departing from Gate 16 today, it was just a 2 minutes walk from the SilverKris Lounge. A seperate review can be found here.

For me, my first class experience started at 4.15AM. Woke up, showered, get changed and off I go to the airport.

Arriving at the airport at 5.10AM, i was greeted by a really quiet airport. Just as you can imagine, the taxi ride from city to airport was so fast paced and suddenly it comes to a complete dead silent. It takes a while to get settled down. It’s also my first time travelling out of HKG early in the morning and honestly i am barely awake.

Today’s flight is SQ1 from Hongkong to Singapore. SQ1 originate from San Francisco then making a brief stopover in Hongkong before heading right back to Singapore.

Checking in from Row F, the counter opens at around 5.50AM which is 2 hours and 10 minutes before the departure time.

Check in process was breezy but the counter agent informed me that my tray table at seat 1F isn't working hence he asked if I would be okay to move to seat 1A which is also a window seat. Well why not? But more surprise about the newly assigned seat. Read on!

I got my boarding pass and headed straight to the lounge. I also noted that they have the new automated clearance lane for visitors! Not sure if it’s for all countries but Singaporeans are good to go!

Flight SQ1 arrived 20 minutes behind schedule hence boarding time was also pushed back. At the point of writing, SQ1 has a consistent delay over the past few days. Probably due to the winds.

Beautiful view of the plane.

Today’s aircraft is 9V-SNB and it’s a 2 year old Boeing 777-300ER 3 Class Configuration.

As mentioned earlier, I was reassigned seat 1A at the check in counter due to a faulty table at my original seat 1F. At the lounge, I was informed that 1A has a faulty audio jack. He offer me seat 1D as a meal seat and another seat as a bed seat. I told them it’s fine because I prefer to move around the cabin during flights. They were really apologetic.

When it’s time to board, another service agent brief the same situation to me and escorted me to the plane. On the way, they were again very apologetic about this. I told them again, it’s fine. But one thing i didn't like is that, they didn't go with the boarding hierarchy. Maybe they didn't expect to have first class passengers on this short flight. But anyway...

At the doors, Leading Steward welcomed me to my seat and once again brief me on the situation of the seat change. For the 3rd time, I told them it’s fine and I prefer to move around the cabin. I was impressed by the fact that they were sincere and genuine in their apology. Communications between the plane and the ground staff shown here are exemplary.

But I was a little surprised because 9V-SNB is only a 2 year plane and there were many things that were broken. Nonetheless, I wasn’t bothered by one bit because after seeing my seat. I knew I had a lot of things to explore.

The menu for today's flight!

Breakfast was served for this short 3 hours flight back to Singapore.

Apple juice for this morning flight. To be honest, i am still half awake to have champagne.

As there was no overhead compartment, all hand carry bags are to be stored underneath the ottoman.

As expected, plenty of cabinet spaces.

Vanity Mirror..

Not really a newspaper guy, so the crew came by the second time and offered some magazines..

Bottled water was also offered and shortly we began our pushback.

I love the new safety video! Check them out below!

In a nutshell, i think singapore airlines has done a good job in maintaining the singapore elements in the video but also not compromising on the safety message across. With notable places in singapore, the safety video can somewhat be a tourism video for tourist on the way to singapore!

A last view of Hongkong before take off.

Spacious legroom.

This is my comfortable position though.


We left Hongkong about 30 minutes behind schedule but that didn't bother me because i just love spending time onboard. Once the seatbelt sign is off, i explore the features around my seat and photo marathon.

Handheld remote are located at the side of the seat. The "sliding" doors wasn't functioning well and i did highlighted to the In Flight Supervisor at the end of the flight. It bothers me because i wouldn't expect this on a 2 year old plane. Did i also mentioned that the table isn't working too. Luckily the flight is only half full and i am able to move to another seat just to have my meal.

Comfortable size. Not too big or small. It reminds me of the playstation portable i used to have.

Reading lights, headphone holder and the seat adjustment buttons are located at the left side.

On the right side, you have the compartment for charging your phones. I am amused at the load limit.

There were only 4 first class seats onboard this flight. Certainly very exclusive and private.

Singapore Airlines also have another configuration with 8 first class seats. Those were the refurbished seats. Those with 4 first class configuration were delivered brand new to the airline.

A mini suite as what some says. But nothing beats the actual suites.

The maximum angle for the leg rest...actually it's more of thigh rest....

You can actually fully stretch out your leg..


Breakfast service was provided for this short 3 hours flight. I pre-booked my meal from Book the Chef menu. However there was not much selection available for this flight but eventually i went with the Chicken & Scallop Congee. Mr Lead Steward asked if i like to have a egg inside the congee. I said it's alright because i had quite a amount of eggs inside the lounge.

I was so happy to be served with hot bread because on my suites flight in to Hongkong, i was served room temperature bread. There was no flavour and smell to it.

Started with some seasonal fruit plate. Nothing special about the fruit other than the presentation.

Next up! Alpen Oat Granola Multifruit with skim milk. Yummy!

Here comes my main course, Chicken & Scallop Congee. There were huge chunk of meat & scallop. Super delicious. I could have gone for the second bowl!


A lavatory visit before bed time! There were 2 toilets for the first class passengers however there was no strict control over business class passengers barging thru the first class section to use the lavatory. Not that i am selfish but i would expect more privacy.

As usual, the nice mirror and lights around.

Spacious and comes with disposable hand towel.

Diaper changing table is available..

Or you prefer to take a seat while changing your pyjamas for long haul flights...I really wonder how clean is the seats..


I request for a turndown service. I know it would be really troublesome for the crew but well it's my first time onboard this and i am really interested to know how comfortable are these!

Here is a video of the turndown service!

Plenty of legroom space to move around...

Naturally i couldn't sleep during day flights. So i decided to have my shades up and do some creative photography around my seats. So here you go!

If you realised the IFE display the same content, you know it was just a photoshoot.

A view from the mini cabinet...i like this shot personally...


Unable to sleep, i decided to have a little chat with the crew. Starting off the conversation with the usual questions, i now have a better understanding of cabin crew in general. From their schedule to their lifestyle & travel stories, it was a nice chat with Mr LS. Thanks for the talk bro! Knowing that i was unable to sleep, he gladly offered me some coffee & cookies!

Jamaican Blue Mountain & Cookies. That was a damn fine coffee.

The flight went on uneventfully and we landed in Singapore safely. Despite having some problems with the table and having to shift around the seats, i am pleased with the service the crew. I am actually more disappointed in the poor maintenance of the small bits here and there. This is something i won't expect in a 2 year old plane and i genuinely hope the team will read my post and follow up with the repair. People pay the best to fly on the best so the standards has to be high and that includes small details.

Just 4 days before this flight home, i was on the suites to hongkong hence i could immediately feel the difference in the level of service provided in suites & first class. In suites, i felt more personal touch to it whereas on the return flight home on first class, it just felt so different.

I guess it could be these 2 reasons :

1)The crew could have suffered some jetlag from the earlier flight

2)This is just how they service the first class

Nonetheless, the most important thing is that we landed safely and the crew feed me well with delicious food. The staff were chatty and i appreciate the chat with them. The seat was nice although it resemble closely to the 2006 business class seat. I guess the service they provide will make it up for this.

Thanks for reading! Do share with me your thoughts on your first class travel if you can!

Happy Flying,



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