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In part 2 of my suite experience is the flight of course. Flying on SQ860 to Hong Kong today. Check out part 1 of my suite experience here!

Serving me today is 9V-SKI, a 9 year old A380.

This particular A380 was previously been repainted in the SG50 livery.

To celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday, this particular aircraft was part of the aerial flypast during the National Day Parade.


Departing from Gate A4, the boarding gate is just right below The Private Room.

It’s not until 10 minutes before the boarding time that I started making my way to the boarding lounge.

Boarding soon begins with the invitation of Suites Passengers followed by PPS club passengers & business class passengers. Then the usual economy class boarding after.

The boarding lane as shown.

I was warmly welcomed by the Inflight Supervisor and she escorted me to my Seat 3A for today’s flight. It was a pleasant atmosphere and great joy to be flying suites for the first time.

The crew were very friendly and each of them have a different role to play.

One will be standing at the door receiving passengers, another one will be serving welcome drinks, another will be presenting newspapers, another one even offered to help me take pictures for me after seeing me snapping around.

So in total, there is 4 crew serving me and in a way they did came by and introduced themselves within that short 5 minutes. Each of them were addressing me by my name and i certainly felt very overwhelmed!

Oh yes, you must be waiting eagerly for the seat photos! So here you go!

These seats are better known as double suites and it’s great for couple!

It was a early morning departure and I wasn’t in a mode for a glass of renowned champagne Dom or Krug. Hence I decided to go for the orange juice to start off the flight.

You must be thinking what the heck isn’t? Yes I am starting to think about why didn’t I went for champagne while writing this post. Hehe..

Anyway back to the seat, my first impression was wow. Still shaken and state of shock. To think that it was the flight that I dreamt of a decade ago and right now it’s just in front of my eyes. It was something that i needed time to calm down.

Plenty of legroom!

Don't mind my short legs!

HIGH CLASS presentation

I tried to settled down but i made myself busy by exploring the seat and it’s function. If you noticed they had the menu presented with a leather jacket.

I only glanced thru briefly because I had already pre ordered my meal beforehand. Better known as Book the Cook. Read on to find out what’s for brunch!

Menu for the suites class.

The Stewardess also came by and asked what I like to have as starter. I tried to act healthy by choosing fruit yogurt and fruit platter.


Just recently, Singapore Airlines announced that they will be offering Free Wifi for premium passengers. 100MB allowance are given to Suites/First Class Passengers and 30MB for Business Class and PPS club members.

Complimentary 100MB for Suites/First Class and 30MB for Business Class & PPS Members.

Here’s just the Information Card about the new initiative and it’s only available during certain period of the flight. Just key in your email used for the reservation, your last name and seat number to enjoy the Free Wifi!

While waiting for takeoff, i decided to check out more of the seat functions.

Singapore Airlines Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone..

A headphone jack at the right corner, lights control, do not disturb, attendant call and also your entertainment remote. Yes it's quite obsolete considering because it's a decade old product.

On my right, there is another headphone jack, usb chargers, ac plug and just more compartments. Never ending compartments haha!

So no problem for plumpflyer because there is more than enough room. Huge seat!

Vanity Mirrors are available just beside the monitor and it's pretty far from where i am seated. But i don't do makeup so it's fine. Hehe..

excitement begins

Once at the cruising altitude, the crew started giving out the slippers and socks. These Lalique brand slippers are pretty padded and it's different from the super thin one you see in hotels.

Soon after, the meal service began. I started off the meal service with a plate of fruit platter and the bakery selection. Btw, you can actually get your partner to dine together in this suite! There is a ottoman to get this working.

Tableware in place!

First up, the fruit as a starter. Papaya, kiwi, blueberries & strawberries..

A chocolate danish & croissant to go along sir? Yes sure why not?

Next up is the fruit yogurt!

The renowned dish on Singapore Airlines. The Boston Lobster Thermidor. This dish is a Book a cook dish. Pre-order is required and there is no extra fee or such!

To my understanding, the Boston Lobster Thermidor is only available to First Class Passengers and Classic Lobster Thermidor is available to Business Class Passengers. Main difference is a whole lobster and half of it.

Raspberry and Rose Cream Eclair for dessert today! Didn't quite like it because it's pretty sour.

Ending off the brunch with a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee! Absolutely superb.


So what do you actually do after a heavy meal? Rest isn't? I mentioned rest...not sleep haha. I got the macho steward to prepare the bed for me. Although this is a very short flight, they were still very willing to do the turndown service for me.

Here's a video of the turndown service.

Bed at 37,000ft. What better can you ask for?

Enclosed suite while i enjoy my movie of the flight : American Made(2017). The story of an airline pilot being recruited by CIA to conduct undercover but later ended up working for DEA and Pablo Escobar. To watch this action flick on a plane was really an epic one.

I find their headphone to be extremely uncomfortable. Although the noise canceling works perfectly, i found it too powerful and wearing it for a prolonged period of time will cause some headache for me. I don't know whether is it my own first world problem or is it the same for you travellers. Please share with me on the comment box below heh.

The million dollar shot up in the sky. Take this as a commercial break.

Soon, the captain starts to make a pre descent announcement(usually 1 hour before landing) and instructed the crew to prepare the cabin for arrival. That being said, the bed experience is over. How sad but i believe we will meet again.


I decided to visit the first class washroom to clear off the lobster and also to show what are you experience in first class toilet.

Yes it's spacious!

Cloth towel,tissue & amenities is available.

There are 2 toilets available for first class passengers. This is the most spacious one followed by another slightly smaller on the right side of the plane.

There is a collapsible "sofa" and i wonder how clean is this. Well i mean it looks clean but....

Fresh flowers :)

If plumpflyer can fit in, i am sure you can too! Spacious enough to do some stretching on long haul flights.

Shaver cream, mouth wash & cologne are available too.


Soon, we are nearing hongkong and the whole suite experience shall comes to an end. The crew went around to get everything set for arrival.

Oh did i mention this pretty huge in flight monitor? But i guess it's a justifiable reason to have a large monitor considering how far we are from our seat. Viewing experience would have been otherwise if the monitor is small.

I asked for a Iced Milo(Chocolate malt drink) as a goodbye drink perhaps. Sounds like a plan right? Welcome drink and goodbye drink.


We landed in HK just 10 minutes behind scheduled arrival time. It was a pleasant & smooth touchdown as expected.

I waited for the rest of the suites passengers to alight before leaving. On my way out, i took a group photo with the crew. We have the Green(Leading Stewardess)/Red(Chief Stewardess)/Burgundy(In Flight Supervisor) and a Male Leading Steward. At this time the co- pilot came out and decided to help me with the photo.

Of course, i just have to ask if i am able to visit the cockpit. I have only been on the A320/A330/A350 so this makes it the first time on the A380. The captain gave the green light and we had a good talk. It's a never ending talk because we are talking aviation the entire time. But let me get it straight that there was no confidential information been discussed.

I left the crew to do their preparation work back to singapore, thank them for the wonderful flight and wish them the best on the return leg to singapore in 2 hours time.

Flying in to Hongkong so frequently, this is my first time that i didn't have to take a train to the immigration area. It was just out of the gate, turn right and 2 minutes walk to the immigration! I was surprised to be honest but i know it's a good start for my hongkong trip!


I was very impressed with the inflight service. It was absolutely superb, the cabin crew were the most friendly i had met and there is almost no complaint from me but i wished that there were arrival escort and fast track immigration for first class passengers. This is beyond SQ control for sure.

The suite was extremely comfortable and i am sure many would be surprised that it's already 10 years old. Time flies extremely fast. There are some noticeable spots in the suites where wear & tear are clearly shown but no biggies.

The cabin upgrade for these decade old products on the A380s are underway and over the next few years, these suites would be completely replaced with the new generation suites which see only 6 seats as compared to current 12 seats. It's really exciting and i can't wait to go onboard and do a comparison between the old and new suites.

With competition from budget airlines in southeast asia region, many major carriers are presenting Business class as the highest service available or if not cutting down on the number of First class to maximise profits.

But i downgraded to Economy Class to the city tho!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this trip report, like, share and stay tuned more of my post!

Happy Flying,



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