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Introduced in Year 2006 as the world's widest flat bed business class seat.

Singapore Airlines had a redemption discount back in February for selected destinations and flights in March.

There were a list of destinations served by both Singapore Airlines & SilkAir. Both economy & business class trips in selected flights. I assumed these are the low load flights that the airlines wanted to fill up so as to reduce the loss.

But anyway, I chose to fly in to Beijing on their old A380 business class seats. The flight cost me 24,500 miles instead of 35,000 one way. That's a discount of 10,500 miles.

In time to come, i will also do a comparison between the old and new A380 business class.

Last month I did a return flight to hongkong on their suites and first class. It was an amazing experience and I had good impression of the service onboard. Hence I was pretty excited to go onboard Singapore Airlines again.

Serving me on this 6 hours flight is 9V-SKE, a 10 years old Airbus A380-800.

Interestingly, this particular aircraft was involved in a incident back in 2014 when a faulty door seal causes loss of cabin pressure. With the expertise of Singapore Airlines Crew, the plane made a safe emergency landing. You can view the investigation report here.


As this is a China bound Flight, boarding was pretty chaotic with many impatient chinese hogging the boarding gate. There wasn’t even time & proper environment for the ground crew to do the hierarchy boarding. Immediately, Suites & Business Class Passengers were allowed to board first.

Nonetheless, we were welcomed by the lovely stewardess and quickly settled down.

My first impression of the seat wasn’t great. Sure it’s a very wide and spacious looking seat but it was very worn off and "oily" looking. Immediately, you will see that the ottoman is located at the extreme left side of the seat and to be able to sit comfortably with your legs up, you have to slant your body a little. I also realised that the cabin was pretty stuffy and warm tho.

This product was launched in year 2006 so that makes it 12 years old already. Can't believe it.

The business class seats resemble a lot like the 2013 First Class seat besides the more spacious legroom in the first class. Mentioning about the legroom, you have no restriction at all! Surely, the first class seats is more comfortable. You can check out my review on the 2013 First Class here!

Taking the chance to explore the seat, I found the seat to be too spacious and it can be quite a dilemma in choosing which side to lean against.

I am seated towards the left side and i still have this much of space on my right. Perhaps you can a little idea of how spacious it is.

It wasn't really as private as it may look. The side panel is a little too short. Without much effort, i can actually see the person next to me from seat.

The middle aisle is the best seats that you can have if you are travelling as a couple. Although not as close as the new 2017 A380 seats.

Pretty huge IFE and it's highly reflective hence i gotta take from a certain angle.

Plently of legroom..

The slanted position that i was talking about...

AC power supply and USB charging ports...

Vanity Mirror...

Tomato juice as welcome drink....

The special thing about the upper deck onboard the A380 is these side storage bin. Not only will the business class passengers get this bin but the economy class section too!

Weight limit is 10KG..

On the left side of the seat, you can find your headphones..

The headphones shown here seems to be oily here. This was the exact condition when i took the plastic sleeve out.

Usually the seat remote tends to get really oily on any other flights. You can choose to use the hot towel to wipe off all the possible spots that you will be touching during this flight. Some examples would be the remote, reading lights button, seat adjustment buttons, attendant call button, the screen itself, the compartment lid and many more. Basically anywhere you may possibly touch during the flight. At the same time, i am not telling you that you should do a full wipe-down on your seat. Although it sounds like a perfect plan.

I find it amusing to see the do not disturb button because there is no doors or anything like that. It's quite redundant in my opinion.

Reading lights is available on both side.

2 different modes.

On the right side however, the light seem to dislodge. Although it's working but i really didn't expect it to be in this condition.

Overhead storage is available but i am more of a very protective person who tries to keep personal belongings within reach.

We took off after 30 minutes of delay and reached our cruising altitude soon after.

Slippers and socks were provided after seat belt sign is off.

Quite comfortable although it's tight for my fat feet. What do you expect? It's plumpflyer.


Although i have already pre booked my main course (Classic Lobster Termidor) from the Book the Cook menu, the rest of the menu remains the same. Such as fruits, appetiser, dessert & bakery choices.

I am wondering when would in flight menu finally go paperless. Do you think it's a good idea?

Brunch menu for the day.

Starting off the meal with some fresh fruits and bakery selection..

Followed by the baked apple yogurt.

I was probably too excited and completely forgotten to snap a picture before eating.

I decided to go with the safest Book the Chef choice, the classic lobster thermidor.

Absolutely sumptuous. You wish you had a second serving!

Lobster with wine. Best combination.

Delicious chocolate & banana tart.


So what do you do after a nice filling meal? Time to rest..

Technically there is no Business Class turndown service. There was a instruction video which was played right after the safety video. However if you do approach the cabin crew, i think they will be more than happy to assist you.

Don't mind the crumple. Obviously, I wasn't trained hahah..

Watching "Lucky Boy", a Singapore Movie.

Don't mind my ugly face...it was a good nap tho!

Last drink before arrival!


Shortly after we started out descent in to Beijing and landed on time! It was a really good 6 hours flight. The crew were as friendly as always. Food was nice! But the aircon was warm.

As a fussy person myself, i have to say that i didn't enjoy the flight. Because it was really warm and the seat is too big for me. It didn't cup me comfortably. Sleeping wise is fine but i can hardly sleep on the plane so most of the time i will be in the seated position.

I felt that the refurbishment of the new product is really late. At most 10 years would be ideal in order to keep themselves competitive in the market. I just felt everything around the seats seems falling apart with the wobbly compartment covers. What bothers me the most is the leather seat itself. They could have refresh it by replacing the leather because by first impression, it gives the impression of old, worn & uncomfortable.

Greeted by Air China's 747-8..hope to be able to try their product in time to come!

2018 Business Class Seats

Photo by SIA

2018 Business Class Seats

Photo by SIA

With the ongoing refurbishment project, we can expect to see the latest product across the whole fleet by year 2020. This includes the New Suites, Business Class & Economy Class. By 2020, that would make the hard product 14 years old. Quite an overdue project isn't?

At press time, the newly refurbished A380s are serving London & Hong Kong on selected days of a week. Come May 2018, London & Hong Kong will be served daily by the new A380 from 1st May 2018 & 3rd May 2018 respectively.

As shown in the pictures above, the new business class certainly looks welcoming and modern looking than the 2006 version(obviously). I can't wait to get my hands on the new suites & business class! Let's hope something works out this year!

Last week, i also had the opportunity to fly the latest baby from SQ. The 787-10 features a brand new regional business class & economy class! It took them a good 9 years after introducing the 2009 recliner style business class seats. Do check out what i have to say about it here!

Meantime, stay tuned for more exciting news!

Happy flying,



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