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Updated: Apr 4, 2018

It's a short getaway to Yangon while I continue to adapt to the busy work schedule in the coming months. It means less flying in months to come but I still hope to be able to fly once per month. So far I have getaway plans all the way to April.

Myanmar National Airlines(MNA) flies direct to Yangon twice a day operating as UB2 in the afternoon and UB4 in the evening.

MNA used to fly to Singapore in the 1990s but after 22 years hiatus, MNA resumed their international destination which starts from Singapore followed by Hongkong and Thailand.

Check in were speedy with separate lanes for Business and Economy Class passengers. I cleared the immigration shortly before heading to DNATA lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 3. You can check out my previous post on The DNATA lounge here.


Today's flight is operated by a pretty new Boeing 737-800 fitted with BCI(Boeing Cabin Interior). So as expected the seats were new or at least they were well maintained by the airline.

I was the first few to board the aircraft because I like to take some cabin photos for you readers. It was pretty awkward but I managed to do it anyway.

Upon boarding, I was greeted "Mingalabar"(Means hello in Myanmar) by the lovely cabin crew and helped myself to my seat 2C. Soon after, the cabin doors were shut and we left on time. I thought that was a good start! Who doesn't like to leave on the dot?

The legroom was surprisingly smaller than expected. But as you can see it's still acceptable for a short flight.

It comes with a Personal AVOD which is stored underneath the armrest on my left. The remote controller is also on my left. There is a separate drop down monitor for screening the safety video.

It comes with a few seating options. A retro looking one indeed..


Promptly after the seatbelt sign is off, flight attendant went around the cabin to issue the headphones.

To my surprise......

I am very impressed that they offered noise cancelling headphones. Although it might be a little behind time with the big on/off switch. The switch is operated by a AA battery so you can understand where i am coming from in terms of "behind time". But nonetheless it's still so nice of them to offer one of these. Even Malaysia Airlines don't offer Noise cancelling headphones to business class passengers.


The entertainment system which they named as airstreamUB is a disappointment. Whilst the screen is by far the most responsive one(even more responsive than the new MH A350s), the options offered are very limited. It offered only 5 movies, 2-4 tv shows, some music choices and a few games.

This whole experience wasn't ruined by the limited choices of entertainment, but just a pity that the entertainment system could have been better. In the end i settled for the movie "Me Before You"

It was touching......sobsob...


Meal service begins shortly with some potato salad and some bakery selection.

The potato salad was surprisingly good although it might be a bit starchy.

Followed by the main dish, I choose the fried chicken option and I loved it! The mild spicy sauce and the crisp that they smear over the chicken was spot on. They are very well presented.

As I thought the meal was over and helped to keep the table cloth, the F/A asked if I like the dessert of the day which was the cheesecake. How could Plumpflyer possibly reject it?

The cheesecake were very filling but I like them. It's very much to my expectations of a dessert in the sky.

As you can see in my food photos, the glasses were never empty. The crew were very attentive and generous with the drinks service. Constantly asking if I like to have refill. I drank a total of 4 water, 2 orange juice and 1 hot Chinese tea for this short 2 hours 30 mins flight.


Naturally, the nature must call. Hah...The lavatory is the standard one across all B737 aircraft. Nothing much to comment except out of the two visits, the toilets were spotless.

Dry and clean. Even the sink is dry. I am pretty sure the cabin crew clean them after each visit.


Unfortunately, all the good things must come to an end and we landed safely at Yangon earlier than expected. Soon after disembarkation, ground staff were there to escort me thru immigration and luggage collection.

Before i knew it, i was escortly quickly in to the Mingalabar Limo that's waiting for me outside the airport terminal to the hotel.


Overall, I am extremely happy with Myanmar National Airlines. From the service onboard to ground, it was executed meticulously with precision. The staff knows their job very well.

There is nothing much for improvement to be honest because it's as perfect as i recall. MNA is like a unpolished gem waiting to shine when the time is right. 2 thumbs up!

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for more!

Happy flying, Plumpflyer


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