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Updated: Dec 28, 2017

I am back in HKG for the 2nd time this year, I last came for work in October 2017. HKG is the most frequent country I visit every year. For the last couple of years, I will definitely visit HK once a year mainly is to visit my relatives.

So let's rewind a little.....I left for KLIA 6am this morning. It was Christmas Day hence the road is pretty much cleared all the way to airport. We arrived quickly within 35 mins and proceed straight to the terminal.

As Malaysia Airlines is the national airline, dedicated check in areas are available for first and business class passengers. Just like in Singapore, Singapore airlines has a separate terminal for first class passengers and a dedicated row for business class passengers.

Check in was seamless and soon after we found ourselves standing in line at the empty immigration counters. Each of us were issued a orange slip like this which something like a fast track pass.

At KLIA, they have a special immigration lane for first and business class passengers. I assumed its eligible for all airlines.


Right after the security screening, just a couple of steps away is the Regional Golden Lounge where we will be having our breakfast while awaiting our boarding.

The Regional Golden Lounge was recently refurbished. However, there weren't much good reviews about the lounge especially on forums. A thing to note at the point of writing, the main satellite building golden lounge is undergoing refurbishment.

Nicely refurbished. Looks more classy and modern now.

But surprising on Christmas Day today, it was pretty empty as compared to normal days where finding seat can be a challenge.

As you can imagine, the lounge is now temporary be shared between the whole MH network and its partner airline. It could get really crowded at time.

The buffet breakfast serves the standard as what you can expect in hotels.

Hashbrown/scramble eggs/baked beans & their signature Nasi lemak with standard condiments such as ikan bills, sambal chill and rendang chicken.

That one thing I like most is the yogurt, cut fruits and cereal section here.

But anyway we only spent about 30 minutes in the lounge before leaving for our gate.


As the shuttle train between the main and satellite terminal is down, bus services were offered. Although it was pretty fast but everything was all in chaos.

There was no proper queue and everyone is confused with people cutting queue.

The satellite terminal experienced a blackout for a few minutes. I was more amused than shocked by this experience. Gotta put it together KLIA, after all you are a international airport.

It looks bright here but in fact it's pretty dark in real life.

Here is what it supposed to be. Remain brightly lighted day & night.


I took the chance to have a quick look at the Cathay Pacific Lounge in the main satellite building.

The lounge was very empty, cosy although the meal selection was very limited but it felt exclusive and sufficiently equipped with a standard lounge necessities.

I just love lounge that's quiet because that's what it supposed to be.

One empty section of the lounge. There were only a handful of passengers in the lounge this morning.

Plus the lounge also have a good view of the airside.


The bird for today's flight will be 9M-MTI, a young 5 years old plane with MAS.

This trip is a new experience for my parents who's travelling along with me this morning. We were on the same flight to HKG last year and was served by the regional Boeing 737-800 with the old business class product which is the same to the one pictured in my previous post here.

As mentioned in the last post about the boarding procedure, the A330s have separate aerobridge for business and economy passengers.

Business Class & Economy Class Passengers have a seperate boarding gantry.

It's recommended that you board these wide body aircraft once it's ready for boarding so that you can settle in your seat comfortably.

I picked seat 6K for my flight this morning. This throne seat is good for introverts like me. I just like the idea how others can't get a peek of you.

Welcome drink is served shortly and I chose to have the signature pink guava juice.

It comes with a personal mini cabinet with a mirror. The cabinet is big enough for your passports, phones & headphones but laptop is too big for it. An ipad mini fits in perfectly tho.

We have a reading light, entertainment remote, usb charger, headphone jack, a side pocket big enough for an iphone 6s plus as well as the seat mode selection.

A range of magazines and newspaper was served. Previously on the flight back from hongkong, i was given a used copy of the newspaper. Today i was given a brand new copy. They could have done better in their headphones tho. Other competitors are offering noise cancelling headphones in a nicely presented casing.

Surprisingly we left the gate on time and within 10 minutes we are airborne.


Once the seatbelt sign is off, meal service begins immediately. Starting off with some fresh fruits, dessert & choice of breads. I went along with a cup of Teh Tarik.

The bread was cold. They could have heated up.

3 Selection of Main Course. Quite a bit of hoohah while the F/A goes around to ask for our choice. Then they replied most customers saying that they need to check. Unfortunately, not everyone gets what they requested for.

Choices of drinks available onboard. They do serve Tomato Juice onboard. I promise it tasted like the healthiest drink you have ever drank.


For the main course I have decided to go for the Dim Sum selection. Bad choice, the bbq chicken bun is real hard and I wasn't very pleased with the lotus leaf rice.

I had a mouthful before I gave up.

It just didn't taste right or maybe i was just too picky. Oh well....

The skin is completely harden. It's like prison food as much as i could try to imagine. I could have gone for the safest choice which is the omelette. You could never go wrong with it.

Good to know that they do changed their menu from time and time as I had a smoked salmon omelette on the same flight just 3 months ago.


The dessert was worth the praise tho. It was some sort of caramelised cake. Maybe I had a liking for sweet stuff. Sinful but worth the calories(it happens all the time)

With 2 hours to go, I went for a short nap. Even though it's flatbed seat, it gets pretty uncomfortable with the limited legroom. The throne seats has a limited legroom due to the configuration.

Hence for Long-haul flights, I do recommend that you get any other seats except the throne seats for bigger leg space and comfort. Else if you prefer favour privacy to comfort then this is still the best seat you can get.

In conclusion, I would say it's just another regular flight but I feel that the cabin crew were more attentive to us as compared to my previous MH flight from Taipei. The crew were nice, friendly and they did everything they could to make us as comfortable as possible. They check on the cabin frequently to see if we need anything.

The catering needs to be improved immediately and the 3 point seat belt is pretty uncomfortable. I felt so restrained in my seat.

Moments before touching down. On time arrival.

I would have expected some sort of delay but surprisingly it didn't and we left on time. It has been a while since I departed on time while traveling with Malaysia Airlines. So good job guys. (Pun intended)

Thanks for reading! More trip reviews and travel tips to come!

Happy flying,



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