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FLIGHT REPORT: MH A350-900 Economy Class Seats review

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

How have you all been? I hope my previous post "Origination" has helped you in your travel booking!

Today's post is special because if you see most of my previous post were on premium/business class cabin.

Instead, I will be reviewing the economy class cabin onboard the new Malaysia airlines Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

The A350 was first delivered to Malaysia Airlines on the 30th November. This aircraft was leased from Air Lease Corporation, becoming the 17th airline to operate the world’s newest, most modern and efficient twin engine widebody airliner.

Malaysia Airlines is the first carrier to offer a First Class cabin in the A350-900. The aircraft is configured in a three class cabin layout with a total of 286 seats. This comprises four in First Class, 35 in Business, featuring convertible seats to fully flat beds and 247 in Economy.

Projected to serve routes like London, Tokyo & Auckland, it's currently(at time of writing) serving Penang, Singapore, Bangkok and Kota Kinabalu as part of the crew familiarisation flights to ensure that the crew have enough hands on experience before the inaugural flight to London towards the end of January 2018.

I was in Penang for a short getaway before my work starts to get busier over the next few months. This post is unplanned because at the time of booking, the plane assigned was the standard Boeing 737-800 which was mainly use for Domestic & Regional route.

However just 2 weeks before the flight, I received an email saying that the flight has been retimed 15 mins earlier than the scheduled departure time. It was a good thing isn't? I get to fly back earlier and on a brand new plane.

P.S I see it as a "congratulation" notice rather than a "regret to inform" notice. HAH

Check in, security checks and boarding went on without a hitch and soon later I find myself boarding the new aircraft for the first time. I was as excited as a kid boarding a plane for the first time.

Today's flight to Kuala Lumpur is pretty much empty. There were only me and another guy with a DSLR going around the cabin for photos after it reaches cruising altitude. The rest of the passengers remained seated for the duration of the flight just like any other routine flight.

There were 2 different economy class seats onboard this aircraft. I will talk about the standard economy class first before the economy plus seats. Each seat comes with the standard features like power plug, USB charging ports as well as a personal inflight entertainment screen(IFE).

Standard EconomY

The standard economy class feels more roomier than the A330s in terms of leg space and width. Very good seats recline angle but however if the passenger in front of you decides to recline the seat, it might be get a little squeezy.

It's like the screen directly in your face.

As someone who's pretty plump and picky at times, I project these seats to be pretty comfortable for flights not exceeding 4 hours.(personally)

For anything above 4 hours, I would recommend you take Economy Plus or Business Class.

Economy Plus

There were a total of 27 Economy Plus seats available onboard. These seats are easily identified by the light blue colour seat and they are slightly more expensive than the standard economy seats if you decide to choose these seats for your flight.

As you can see, the seats are so much more roomier than the standard economy seat. Besides more legroom, the economy plus also have a IFE controller and a collapsible foot rest.

Plus even if the seat infront of you is fully reclined, you are still in a very comfortable position and away from your IFE screen as compared to the standard economy seats.

In Flight EntertainmenT

The IFE onboard is a completely new thing. First thing to note is that it's slightly bigger than the old screen and it's so much responsive now although it can't be compared with a iphone or ipad for sure but the screen sensitivity is a great improvement.

Secondly, the new interactive map is a really fun thing to pass time and it also has a downwards camera showing real time view.

These are really good for aviation enthusiasts. Recommend you to use during take off and landing.

Overall, the movies selections are the same across all fleet but mostly importantly the screen sensitivity was a great improvement else it's quite irritating to see someone clicking the screen a few times to get it working.

I also noticed that Malindo Air are using the exact same screen on their newer boeing 737 Max. Different program and interface of course.


In conclusion, the new economy class seats are pretty good and it should be well received for economy passengers flying the long haul from Kuala Lumpur to London. If you are flying such a long distance, I would recommend you to get one of the Economy Plus seats. Trust me, you will sure appreciate the extra space you need.

These new A350-900 will slowly replace both of the A380-800 currently deployed on Kuala Lumpur-London run. It will also be flying to Tokyo & Auckland later this year. At the time of writing, Malaysia Airlines had already taken delivery of the 2nd A350-900 and will be expecting another 4 more of these new jets.

Here is a sneak peak of the new business class seats onboard the A350s. I will be flying on these very soon and will be doing an in depth review on the new seats very soon! So stay tuned!

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