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Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Weeks, days, hours and minutes before, there was so many uncertainties going thru my mind. Many have told me its impossible, many have told me they didn't make it so you are not going to make it too.

In the end.........


Today's flight to Bangkok was a special trip just to be able to try the new First Class seat onboard Malaysia Airlines brand new Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

But behind every success story, there is always this a long fight and struggle behind it. So here it goes.

I booked this ticket early December last year after receiving a open "tipoff" that business class passengers were allowed to choose the 4 top seats of the aircraft.

These top 4 seats are none other than the First Class seats! Malaysia Airlines is Asia's 1st A350 operator that offers First Class Cabin on its aircraft.

In early December, I was fortunate enough to get an empty first class seat on this flight. Unfortunately a week later, I was informed thru email that I had been reassigned another seat back to the business class. I was very sour at first but after looking through the forums, I realised I wasn't the only one who got the seat reassignment. Everyone was "kicked"!

Soon after, the news went viral on forum with netizen complaining why are they are been "kicked off" even after confirmation of the seat during booking. But many have also mentioned that if you were to pay a business class airfare, you are entitled a business class seat and not a first class seat. Logic so true hence decided that it's just life. Accept and move on.


Over the last few weeks I have been following the forum and in the last few days before the flight, someone actually managed to get those seats on their flight. But again, not everyone is successful. There were more failures than success stories. Some were even reassigned seat right before boarding.

Apparently, some were saying that there were Airbus Engineers onboard certain flights and they were seated in those top seats as mentioned. Naturally this whole situation became self explanatory and I assumed that the Airbus Engineers are seated right behind the cockpit so that in case something happened, they are there to assist immediately. Like an action flick(Huston, we have a problem) CHOI! TOUCHWOOD!

Nonetheless, I decided to check my booking and see if the seats were reopen. To my pleasant surprise, it was! Clicked and off to bed dreaming about my flight.


On D-Day, I took a flight out Singapore and arrived comfortably 3 hours before the flight. As usual, the lounge visits in KLIA. Then finally after 2 hours of waiting, I went for my gate.

At the gate, things were more intense than ever. Remember I told you someone got reassigned seat just before boarding?

Moment of truth, boarding time. There was no turning back. Many have told me its impossible, many have told me they didn't make it so you are not going to make it too.


In the end......I made it! The boarding agent scanned my ticket and I ran the fastest I could. At the doors, the crew in charge welcome me and said "1G on the right sir" WOAH. My heart stopped. It's really happening!

So may I present you 1G, one of the 4 hot seat that everyone is talking about. I will let the photos do the talking. It's obvious that it is very spacious seat. Is that how I sum it up? Pretty much an introvert sum up I guess.

Can't miss out the signature pink guave juice on MH...

Enough for a standard backpack....

Lifejacket and safety information card are just by your right side...

Storage for phones, headphones, passport, go pros? *winks*

There were more than plenty of legroom as you can see. Plenty of storage space which is enough to put any cabin backpack I believed. But I am not going to unpack every single thing in my luggage. After-all, it was just a short 2 hours plus flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok.

I got myself comfortable in my seat and started to appreciate my life better. How exaggerating you might say. But I know I am really the lucky few for sure.


Soon after takeoff, meal service was offered. I choose chicken rendang and was perhaps the fastest meal I ate onboard any business class flight.

Here is a video on how to use the dining table...

Usually, I will take my time to enjoy the food but hey not on this flight yo. There are much things to be done for you privileged readers out here. PHOTO-OPS!


The entertainment is very sleek looking as you can see. As the screen is quite a distance away from you, they do provide a handheld screen.

Missing this view as i am typing this blog..

Time to destination : 20 mins.....how sad is that...

My favourite movie. I watch it several times onboard MH.

Surprisingly very sharp resolution which i think you are able to watch the movie off that handset but who the heck does when you have a big monitor right?

Another thing that i find entertaining (which infact did entertain me for a bit while i fidget those buttons) is the seat control buttons. As you can see there are several seating options for you.

We have 2 take off positions. One is a 100% upright or you prefer a 75% upright. Nonetheless, both of them works fine for takeoff & landing.

We also have do not disturb button, lights control dimmer, massage option as well as to wind up/down the privacy wall between the 2 seats.


So next up, I decided to try the flat bed. Although it's not as spacious as other big carriers, there are still a lot of space to twist and turn.

Yummy Yummy isn't?

Ignore my stomach. I am the plumpsleeper.

"Life's easier in the air" view

I also noted that they have a newly designed blanket different as to what is been offered on their Airbus A330s.


And it has to be built quickly.

Privacy isn't really a issue at all as the seats comes with a sliding door. Just that there is no objection from anyone at all (if you get what i mean)

Flight attendant has the ability to disable the door slide so you can't use them during takeoff/landing. It's a special switch somewhere.....over the rainbow...

So now you have your own wall. Yes it's not supposed to be fully lip shut like train doors. HAHA

Not only can it slide but it can also be open outwards and it bounces back to original position just like your home kitchen.

Here is how you operate the mexican wall.....i mean the slide...

You can choose to talk to your neighbour next to you! (Applicable for centre section only)

Or shut them down like a introvert....

Here is a video on how to shut them down....i mean talk to your neighbour....


I decided to chat up with my Neighbour, seat 1K whose making this flight specially for the new cabin. It's just so special to talk about it at 35000 feet in our dream seats as we both experienced the seat reassignment and have much in common to talk about since we are both aviation enthusiast. Initially this was my seat before i was being reassigned. We joked about that too.

Dominic, if you are reading this, I just want to say that I appreciate that small talk we have enroute to Bangkok. Cheers.


Nature calls and I ended up in the toilet. The toilet are more spacious than I expected. But of course, you can't compare the toilet size to Emirates for example. There was no shower or fancy tech but take a look at the photos!

Its very modern looking(duh), i felt like i was in a X-men movie with the mirror lights.

Bird eye view of the spacious toilet.

Foldable table is available. For diaper changing i assumed.

It's so spacious that plumpflyer could stretch the legs out!


Soon we started our descent to Bangkok and the enjoyment ends. Of so many Malaysia Airlines Flight, I certainly enjoyed this particular one. The plane was super quiet, the new cabin product was stunning as well as the usual great hospitality from cabin crews. Top notch service with a brand new plane. What a combo.

Here are the immigration fast track card given to all first & business class passengers. Highly valuable in times of massive jam. I didn't face any long queue hence i decided to keep it as a memorabilia.


I ended my flight with a cockpit visit.

With the help of the lovely cabin attendant and Captain David, it was a fanboy moment for me as a aviation enthusiast. I had a very quick chat with the pilots before congratulating them. They are running behind time, hence i left them to do their flight preparations back to Kuala Lumpur after i took some of these photos...I hope you guys like it! It's for you readers!


Overall, I am glad to see how Malaysia Airlines is picking up once again after the very 2 unfortunate incident a few years back. Honestly, it was really a big blow for them to swallow. Despite the setback, they remained united and regain their fighting spirit all these years.

Believe it or not, this is the first time that i am travelling on First Class. The most lavish i would go so far is business class. Hence i am not in a position to comment whether this First Class product is good or not. From what i see on youtube reviews, there are much more lavish first class or golden trim suites as compared to this. But you must also factor in that Malaysia Airlines is still on it's road to recovery from the 2 unfortunate incident. Hence, everything from financially to marketing has to climb back slowly.

Given the chance to fly again on their First Class product, sure i will. Perhaps to shorter destinations like Tokyo which they are launching later this year.

With this new product, it's a small step that they are taking to regain their heydays.

I hereby congratulate Malaysia Airlines and all the best to future.


Happy flying,



Republic of Singapore