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Flight report: Malaysia airlines A350 Business Class Seat review

After trying the New First Class & Economy Class onboard Malaysia Airlines's brand new Airbus A350, i thought having a review on the business class would have a proper closure.

If you haven't check out my review, you may check out the First Class Review or the Economy Class Review here!

As mentioned in my previous post, Malaysia Airlines took their A350 to Singapore, Penang, Bangkok & Kota Kinabalu as part of their crew familiarisation trip before the inaugural A350 flight to London.

The business class onboard are similar to the one of their Airbus A330. According to online forums that i am following, they mentioned that the seat width on the A350 are slightly wider than the A330. Although i have taken the A330 just a few months back, i couldn't recall if it's really true. But anyway even if there is, the difference are minimal and not obvious.

Seated at the last seat of the mini business class cabin, i have a beautiful view of the wing.

The signature pink grava was served .

There were no overhead compartment for passengers seated in the middle aisle section.

I believed it mentioned reading materials only. Correct me if i am wrong but anyway i did put my shoes and bags inside this weird looking compartment.

The touchscreen IFE is similar to the A330-300 and i also realised(obviously) that it's alot sharper than the a330. I was hoping for the day when i am able to watch 4K content onboard a plane!

There were some obvious differences between the A330 and A350 business class seats. Water bottle compartment is available on the A350 seats.

It used to hold the IFE controller on the A330s.

Beside your thigh, you will find the IFE remote secured in the compartment.

It seems like a big device but actually it's really small. I felt i was holding on to a toy.

Here is the compartment on the old A330-300 and immediately you can see the placement of the IFE remote and some missing functions on the seat adjustment panel. Reading lights and phone holder is exactly the same though.

Despite the differences, the same headphones was offered however they aren't noise cancelling.

I also notice on the A350, there is a gap between the seat and the window. On the A330s, i don't recall seeing any big gap in between.

I am not sure if it's a good thing incase you dropped something in there. Well at least it's still reachable.

Last view of the tarmac before pushing back.

Overlooking bangkok airport with the lovely sunset view.

Lights were dimmed for takeoff.

One thing i love about evening flights is the sunset view. If you are flying home anywhere from malaysia/china/japan/korea, take the right window seat to get a lovely view of the sunset.


A delicious seafood meal that i opt for online. Except the dessert which was a disappointment. Tasteless pudding.


The flatbed seats were fully adjustable and can be customised to your comfortable position.

Fully upright position

Lounge chair position

Flatbed Position

The problem with the throne seats is that your legroom will be drastically reduced due to the seats position in front of you. This makes it extremely uncomfortable for long haul flights and you might want to consider to reseat yourself if you are book on one of these long haul. Not a problem for short haul and people with small frame size.

Sipping a cup of hot teh tarik..


The toilets provided for business class passengers are spacious and modern looking. No amenities onboard for this short flight.

Not exactly wide but i am glad i am still able to fit inside.

Simple, zen and elegant looking toilet.

I can stretch my legs out without any problem.

"Sofa" available for those changing pyjamas for long haul flights.

Nice magnifying mirror.


The flight went on smoothly and we landed back in kuala lumpur on schedule! The crew were smiling as always and they provided the best they can onboard this flight. I felt more refreshed in this new aircraft. The atmosphere and the new smell just makes it really pleasant trip to remember.

A last view before disembarking

Bulkhead Seats.

I think it would be as comfortable as any other seat. You have the full size leg room as compared to the throne seat.

At press time, the A350 are currently serving London. Replacing the A380 that used to fly the route, the A380 are now deployed on Tokyo, Sydney, charter flights to Jeddah. London will see the A380 back in service later this year together with seoul. Although the future of the A380 ahead seems unclear, we are now glad that Malaysia's Airline recovery plan are underway and they will soon regain their name in the airline industry.

P.S the A350 is a damn quiet aircraft. Give it a go if you have the chance!

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