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Airasia X is a low cost carrier based in Malaysia and also the sister airline of the airasia group. Founded in 2007, the airline is focus in serving medium to long haul flights with their widebody aircrafts. Currently the airline is operating 22 A330-300s with pending orders for A330-900NEO and the A350-900 which is expected to be delivered in 2018 and 2021 respectively.

I managed to get a good deal on their AirAsia X(D7) premium flatbed to Taipei. This post is also a sequel to my previous post where i share how to further absorb the savings by booking the unconventional way. You may find the post here!


It departs from KLIA2, where most Low cost carriers operates from. Not just AirAsia, but scoot & Jetstar are one of the few that operates from KLIA2.

I arrived at the airport around 6.50am in the morning. Check in was seamless with a dedicated lane for Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed.

It’s clearly indicated with a bright red carpet. You can’t miss it.

There was no fast track immigration for “business class” passengers. No fast track lane seen too. Nonetheless, there is no Queue and within minutes I am already inside the AirAsia Red Lounge. You can find my review of the lounge here.

It was a 10am flight to Taipei this morning. So I left the lounge for the gate at around 9am. Departing from gate Q4, it’s the first gate right after immigration hence no lengthy walk. Taking me to Taipei today is an 3 years old A330-300 (9M-XXV). More information can be found here!

Boarding Lounge Q4. Pretty full flight out of KUL this morning.

Once again, 9M-XXV..


At about 9.30am, they commenced boarding for premium flatbed and premium flex customers followed by remaining passengers. So yes they have priority boarding.

Once onboard, I made myself comfortable in the cabin.

It’s 2 rows of premium flatbed with the configuration of 2-2-2. 80% of the passengers have direct alsis access.

Comparable to SQ A330 Business Class

2-2-2 Configuration.

Spacious legroom!

Plenty of legroom!

Legcross isn't a issue too!

Seat controls.

Personal reading lights available.

As expected, there was no welcome drink but they give a bottle of mineral water to us. It’s a nice touch because we always get dehydrated during flights. I don’t get a bottle of water on other business class flights.

We started our pushback 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Pleasantly surprised! Within minutes we are airborne.


As the plane wasn’t fitted with personal in flight entertainment screen, cabin crew started issuing us our entertainment tablets. Which is complimentary to premium flatbed passengers.

Nice and professional looking brown casing!

IIt’s a 10 inch Huawei Mediapad 2 filled with AirAsia Xcite inflight entertainment and has a fair deal of movies, musics and games but I didn’t find any movie to my liking.I

Inflight entertainment brochure is available in the seat pocket.

Quite a range of movies available!

Here's a short video of the inflight entertainment interface!


Makan means "Eat" in malay.

Meal service begin not too promptly. There were a little awkward waiting time but it was alright. Perhaps I feel they are taking a bit too long to prepare the pre packed meal

AirAsia has a very wide range of food available onboard which they brand it as Santan.

Pen scribble not done by me :D

All premium flatbed and premium flex passengers are entitled to one complimentary option which comes with a choice of hot/cold beverages. I choose the Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice option and mineral water to hydrate myself.

The food wasn’t too bad. I skip the rice tho and ate only the meat. Definitely edible but not heavenly great. With a additional top up of 16 ringgit which I pre paid online, I got a Haagen Daz ice cream, a small serving of penne pasta as well as a small kitkat chocolate bar.

Trays were collected very promptly and I spent the rest of the time watching some movies and playing some game. Here's a video of the huawei tablet!


Each passenger were issued a striking red pillow and duvet as well. These are complimentary and not to be taken out of the aircraft. If you like a personal amenity kit to bring home, they do sell them separately.

Now as the name goes “Premium Flatbed”, how can I not try the flatbed!

It wasn’t comfortable. Not only on this flight but even on Malaysia airlines A330/A350, I just can’t sleep on a full flat bed. I would be more comfortable sleeping with a higher seat angle.

But anyway, the legroom wasn’t an issue at all. It was spacious even at lie flat position because there is any bulkhead or entertainment system. Comparing it to the Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia wins.


The lavatory onboard was a standard a330 size toilet. No amenities available but it's okay. Heck it's a budget airline! But it's nice that they have these sign on the curtains separating economy class and business class. It's my first time seeing such signs onboard.

The 4 hours flight ended quickly and we arrived in Taipei 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Very impressive! Luggage was out promptly for premium passengers. Double thumbs up!

Overall, it was a comfortable flight with AirAsia X! I don’t mind flying long haul to Australia!

Happy flying,



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