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It has been a while since the last flight report back in year 2018. The fact is i was too busy doing mileage run to get my oneworld emerald status. Finally after so much of effort and going thru some travel sick bug, i finally got my emerald status valid till Year 2020!

I am looking forward to fly economy more often, enjoy the first class check in, first class lounges and hopefully get a free upgrade with my emerald(One self entitled dude here).

But anyway to kick off Year 2019, let's finish the Journey to Oceania Series with the British Airways World Traveller Plus review!

It's finally home to Singapore after a week of family vacation.

The name "World Traveller Plus" is just a name literally. But it's actually the Premium Economy Class Cabin. Configured in a 2-4-2 layout, this is the pretty standard premium economy layout on most of the airlines.

Adjustable headrest for this short 7 hours flight home.

I was seated at the window seat with my brother. First impression is that the seat is definitely a little more wider and spacious than regular Economy Class seats. (Oh come on)

There's extra legroom & foot rest.

Small touch but definitely needed this for this flight.

Legroom is really decent to be honest.

There's pretty much spaces for you to misplace your stuff here! So please watch out and check when you disembark! You could have dropped your tiny little stuff here!

On a side note, the gap between the window and the seat makes it possible to cross your leg and rest on the tip of the arm rest in front. Make sure your feet smells nice before doing that!

On the right hand side you can find the button for seat recline, headphone jack as well as the remote for your entertainment.

Remote is easy to navigate.

Just on top on it, you will find a shared space for your welcome drinks and also the compartment where your tray table are stowed.

In front of you, you will find the safety cards, duty free shopping catalogs and also some storage space for your valuables.

As you can see, it's actually big enough to store your amenity kit and passport wallet.

Each Premium Economy pax are given a blanket, a pillow and a pair of headphones for your entertainment.

I am always skeptical of plane pillows. Always wonder how often are they washed but as expected it's pretty gross looking.

I didn't bother to use them at stack them up at the side of the seat.

Soon we begin our push and on our way to Singapore.

Drink service started immediately but i was already starving. I had the red and wine wine for sampling. Given the option, i will go for the white wine over the red wine.

Lunch was 2 hours after take off and i choose the chicken option. Mind you the 2 hours wait was really a challenge for me! I was that hungry.

The salad had too much of the raw taste, Chicken breast meat was a little bit dry but it tasted okay. I was starving already anyway so everything tasted okay to be honest.

As mentioned earlier, the gap between the window and seat give you some space to cross your leg and rest on the tip of the arm rest. Please note, my feet wasn't touching the person in front all the time. I was careful about it.

About 90 minutes before landing, snacks box was given.

A simple chicken sandwich with cucumber and a small bar of chocolate.

Nice comfort food.


After my horrible Club World experience on BA, i wasn't really looking forward to this flight home.

I also wrote in to British Airways 1 month before the flight asking if i could board the plane slightly earlier to get some photos for my blog but none of the emails came back. My review today doesn't have to do with the fact that they don't reply to my emails. It's fair and exactly what i felt about them.

In fact, I had a good time in their World Traveller Plus cabin. It has enough legroom, space to cross my legs, easy to get out to the aisle and decent recline angle to take a nap and i must say it was so much better than their Club World cabin. The SGD $699 upgrade per person was simply not worth it at all!

Till now, i still blame myself for not doing extra research on their Business Class cabin before choosing to upgrade on the spot.

It has enough legroom, space to cross my legs and decent recline angle to take a nap.

Do stay tuned for more upcoming reviews as i will be going onboard Singapore Airlines Premium Economy to Los Angeles direct flight next month as well as Hongkong Airlines Latest Business Class offerings from the US to China.

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